Monday, April 19, 2010

While sniffing my fingers…

Nasi Padang again for lunch this weekend!

I never thought I would have a place for Nasi Padang in my heart. Not saying that it's not nice, but I just found it ok, nothing too special about it (before). Not until I had it at Rmh Mkn Sederhana, I like how they serve us! "Bedebukk!" (sound effect yg agak exaggerating) about 30 plates of dishes are disposed on our table. It makes my appetite grows sadistically vicious on food!

The lunch was good, furthermore with good company too! Having said that, I miss the long conversation and gossip sessions with my housemates which we had it just now.

One of the best ways to deeply enjoy Nasi Padang is to eat by hand. However, there was a little thwart in my heart while I was walking to the basin to wash my hands, and thought to myself "Oh pity my nails, I just got them manicured yesterday!".

Nothing kept me from preserving my newly manicured nails from the scrumptiousness of the food – IDC!

Then, even 4 hours after lunch, I could still smell a little tiny bit of the little something from lunch.

*sniffing my fingers*

Could this be the smell of the ikan asam pedas? Or the rendang daging? Perhaps the sambal petai sotong? Or Kari udang? Or maybe the daging dengdeng? Hmm… the smell of the nangka masak lemak? The sambal hijau? Or maybe the pucuk ubi?

Who cares about the manicured nails after all, I got the food (feel a little bit dying inside…).

I was actually very excited yesterday as I scheduled myself for a little treat for my hands and feet. They have been working arduously for the past few weeks. As for my fingers, they've been occasionally sticking into vaginas, likewise my feet, they've been standing for hours, I pardon, hours in the operation theater. So extra treat for my feet, besides pedicure, they also got reflexology! Ah~ I love massage!

To wrap up my tummy today, I had a cute dinner with Frente. Not saying that Frente is cute (nanti dia perasan pulak!), but my fruit platter and the chocolate fondue were cute, with the little flags. It was more like a chocolate aroma therapy burner actually! I definitely like the band that was performing at the Amsterdam this evening. One thumb up!

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