Monday, April 26, 2010

Iota #24 – Those cancerous edible thingy

I always knew that Indonesia has a rich selection of foods. Food is love. Therefore, I could manage to love this place.

Yesterday, I went for some groceries shopping at Giant. They actually have a specific aisle of instant noodles in their supermarkets. I don't remember if the supermarkets in Malaysia have specified an aisle just for instant noodles! Anyways, they have variety of flavours, brands and even imported instant noodles. It's like a fiesta of artificial flavors and cancerous factors! That sounds scary alright… but it didn't bother me that much as I went through the isle looking for some unique flavors.

Indomie has come out with a lottt more flavors that consist the specialties of every state in Indonesia nationwide. I just had Indomie goreng rasa rendang pedas Medan, then I bought the Coto Makassar flavor, then I saw something like mie kocok Bandung, soto Ambangan Surabaya, and just a lot more! It is surreal to know that we can have the taste of the whole of Indonesia special cuisines in just two minutes cook that cost about Rp1250. Oh yea, they even have the 'sate' flavor! If you wish like eating sate, you can now opt for noodles. Awesome ain't it?

So, about the indomie goreng rendang pedas Medan, it sucks! I believe that it wasn't suppose to taste that way. I just got a wrong combination of seasonings. I didn't get the seasoning powder in my packet instead I got two of the garnish.

Alright now, enough of that cancerous noodles. I'm off to Wlingi now, for O&G outstation posting. I won't be around for the next 10 days. See yah when I got back!


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