Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nothing about this Sunday, so I press rewind to the previous one

I should make use of this Sunday. I mean… today. I should study for psychiatry examination next week.
Gila, next week = tomorrow! Waaaa!!! Why must I always have to do something so crazy? Didn't I promised myself a gazillion times that I have to kill that word away?! That 'procrastination' comes and go in my dictionary, but it seems to stay longer that its disappearance. OH GOD, BIL, WAKE UP!!!
Okay, let's not to worry about that just yet… (and continue blogging… lalala~)

I just had instant noodle, remember that Indomie I was blogging about? Today, I had flavor Coto Makassar for lunch. Yeah, without having to fly a hundred miles to get to Makassar, I can cook it on my own, at home!

Eee... shedapnyierr! *air liur meleleh2* tapi mama punya mihun goreng Singapore lagi sedap tak boleh nak lawan! tak boleh!
Last week, somewhere around this time, I had the scrumptious-oh-so-mouth-watery Malay tomyam fried biehoon, hawker style at Malay Village in Sutos. Yes, without having to fly a thousand miles to Malaysia, I had it in Surabaya. Just a 2-hour drive from here. Siapa kata kena balik Malaysia?? Look, I survived 8 months straight! EIGHT months baby! Kalau pregnant ni mesti dah nak meletop dah! Have I ever been here for that long before? *tepukan gemuruh and standing ovation* I am a survivor, and I gonna survive another 12 months before I can come back for good. Go Bil go! (with Survivor series theme song howling as the background theme song for Bil's surviving event – Oo eeOoo e'o e'o e'o Aaa Ee Oo)

Talking about last Sunday, yes I successfully managed to find my way to Pasuruan for the home-visit. The morning before we left, I called the contact number given to confirm my appointment with my patient's family. Little did I knew that it was the Pak Lurah (head of the district) I called. Without hesitation, he agreed to accept our visit and helped us a lot with the directions.
The road to success (ye la kan...) 
After all, it wasn't that hard for find the place. Thanks to the Pak Lurah. I was all so excited, I could feel the heat the moment we steer the car into the red-mud street. It was aweseome! We were greet with a warm welcome and the atmosphere were so convivial. I bet half the villagers were there to welcome us!
Cool takkk? Cakap la cool… cool kan?

 These are the family members and the Pak Lurah

Aside from the family members, the Pak RT (Rukun tetangga) was there too! Cool, more feeds in, as if the whole villagers are acquainted with my patient – that close! What's more surprising was that, we were served with a loooot of banana fritters (4 pinggan pisang goreng tu tak tahannn! Padahal tetamu ade 2 je!), not by the host, but from the neighbours! Chup chup, nak fikir jap… *garu dagu* pernah ke I datang rumah jiran belakang rumah pastu jamu tetamu dia makan? Ewah ewah!

Kesian budak kecik tu kena tempek bedak dekat muka dia...
At first I thought that it wouldn't be so necessary to go for this home-visit thingy as I already anamnesis my patient and his grandmother completely on the day when they came to visit to the hospital, and besides Pasuruan is not near and I am never familiar with that place. Then Frente insisted me to go, and kindly offered a hand. I was persuaded when she said that 'The Royal Highness' (as a psychiatrist) might know if I am that assertive to my patient just by reading my expression. Oh okay2, takut nanti terkantoi sebab tak pegi home-visit, I terus setuju! Setuju! Ayo kita ke sana!

From Pasuruan, we head to mana lagi kalau bukan ke Surabaya! Yayyy!

Lots of catching ups to do! First thing first – watch Ironman 2. We drove straight to Sutos and got us a couple of tickets. Nice seats! Ironman 2checked! After lunch and movie, we moved to TP. I love the smell… I love the ambiguous smell of shopping malls. Smell? Hmm… or is it just my hallucination?

Seats on A row are the furthest from the screen... ours are P! Kalau tengok concert best jugak dekat2!
The second reason was to catch Robin Hood. Eventually, the tickets were selling fast like hot cakes, and luckily we managed to get some seats, having said that the 2nd row from the screen! Lantak lah, nak tengok jugak!!! Terdongak-dongak kepala, terpusing-pusing badan dekat kerusi, tapi dapat tengok! Robin Hoodchecked!

Sebagai seorang penggemar durian, saya mencintai durian dalam segala aspek! (kecuali tempoyak, please!)

The third reason was to eat durian goreng! Durian goreng for the dessert after buckets of dimsums for dinner. Yummy!! Durian gorengchecked!

(Back to this week) This whole week was all about completing my responsi, in which I managed to typed it out in one night.

My 4 previous blog entries are all about this!
This is it, a big huge thank to Frente for making this fun and easy for me to be drawn against That Royal Highness.

Ooookay dah! Pegi belajar skrang!


kenwooi said...

the mihun looks good =)

Bil said...

it is indeed!
but u can always get better ones in malaysia for wayyyy cheaper price!
hawkers' stall rules!

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