Monday, March 22, 2010

I am yet to find love for the Vs

I woke up yesterday morning with a perplex feeling of an unexplainable state of mind. That was my first day entering the labor room as Dokter Muda and what I thought was the most challenging besides the fact that I had to stay there dreary for 24 hours, was the vaginas. Honestly, that was one of the least favourite thing I have to face as a doctor – I hate looking at vaginas, enough said. The alarm went on, waking me up from slumber and I thought

"Yeah, this is it – the day of which I hope my judgment is proven wrong.

Dear Allah, please make this easy for me and make me do this with love and passion. Amin."

After rejuvenating in a cold shower, I put on the green drape, buttoned up, look at myself in the mirror and found an unfamiliar reflection. Urr… is that me? Hating the mirror, I rushed down for a quick breakfast. Still, I don't feel me in that green medical attire. Not that green was never my favourite color, but I just couldn't find my chi wearing those!

How can I not have the passion for this? Labor room was one of the most frequent reasons why mama went to the hospital. She was there for eight frigging time and not to mention that she succeed every attempt to give birth to all of us – physiologically a.k.a normally! Out of 6 patients rushed to the procedure beds, only TWO who successfully gave birth through their canals normally without having to undergo caesarians. Yes, there were only 2 births within my 24 hours on-call. Since it was my first time there, I didn't get to perform any procedures but only to assist.

So, within yesterday's 24-hour on-call at the labor room, I got to 'enthusiastically' observed 2 births, 1 curettage, watched 2 DVDs (Maid of Honor and My Sister's Keeper) and an estimated of 3 hours sleep.

Alhamdulillah, I manage to like working in the labor room, because it is fully air conditioned. I am yet to find love for vaginas.

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