Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Freak – those were the days

Ibu Leny is not around anymore… she has gone to my country to become a TKW and I am here left with psychogenic muscle spasms, cramps, stiffness and aching. I lost my tukang urut. My ibu pijat is not around to massage me and help me release my pains anymore. I miss Ibu Leny with her miraculous hands!

I am now on Hansaplast koyo hangat and Yoko-yoko all over my back, and this has been going on for almost a week! These muscle relaxant appliances can never replace Ibu Leny's hands. Initially, I don't think there is really any muscles stiffness on my body, perhaps as I said earlier it is just me and my psychogenic muscle spasms. Conceivably, it is really a pathological spasms since I was actively (yer yer je active) working out at the gym since the last 2 weeks. Alright, my gastrocnemeus muscles were really tight and I reckon my Achilles would have had ripped off if I continued the 5K run on my forefeet. Consequently, calorie burned drop from supposedly 700cal to 400cal.

Talking about working out, I am now try not to be a freak anymore – yes I was one. During college, I used to run on every evening without missed, even if it was raining, I would go up and down the hostel stairs til I sweat as much as I did on the running track. Shall I call myself a jog freak? Yeah, I freak now to know that I was that freaky

Then it came to another 'morning ritual' during my second, third and fourth year. I would wake up as early as possible and get on the track, I grabbed every possible opportunity to jog before the class started, and weekends were compulsory! I would usually hit my jogging track (around the rector field) if I had class which on 8am onwards, and I would go as early as 4.30am, the earlier the better. Looking back at those days, I can't believe I was that 'determine' in which again I must say – freaky!

I had endorphins abundantly circulating my blood and profusely secreting those days…(blaming the hormones)

Nowadays, I am trying to be more lenient to myself. I limit myself to 3 times a week at the gym. Although I might have the time to do more than that, I think it will not be significantly necessary though. The frequent I go, the more frequent it will be, the more I burn, the more and more I will burn, to no extend. But once I stop, the momentum will drastically drop, drop, drop and stop. As a result of that, imma ballooning again~ and I'm telling ya that fueling up to get back the momentum is not easy

I am glad that now, I have Zhaf to guide me. He is my long-distance PT (personal trainer), albeit of having different goals (he is on building abs and burning fats, I am on immune boosting and losing weight), he still being supportive on my long-term workout regimen by sharing his professional skills and never-ending support! And now, every night on our phone conversation, we will have a little talk on health, health products, diets, exercises, and some other sorts. With his advice, I feel more relaxed and compassionate about my body.

Who needs to jog everyday anyway?


zaf said...

I bulked up 2kg muscles now..

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

hye bil! i remember dulu arina told me bil tu ske jog! haha... i ingat sampai sekarang.. hehe

Bil said...

2kg? Wow, hot nya! Bt how do u weight ur muscles dear?

Shikyn: yeah i love d adrenaline rush :)

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