Sunday, February 28, 2010

Iota #21 - Til the sun is out on Sunday

I was trying to blog since the sun rose this morning… this empty page was all awaited to be jotted. I was kinda busy, yet after all the busy-ness is done, I turn bored. Then I come back to this empty sheet of virtual paper, but couldn't get myself a grip of the keys, yet I'm still wondering if there's anything good I can do to kill the boredom.

And now, til the sun is out, Sunday entry is left undone.

But all the important note I want to keep for today is – I am contented, the house is clean! and I am more delighted to have had clean it without the existence of the other two of my housemates, in which with their existence won't make any difference, but a further annoyed-turned-anguish of their ignorance of our house's hygiene.

This is the most sincere and truthful I can be. I can't wait to miss you when you're gone! I hope I will, yeah maybe, somehow…


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