Monday, February 22, 2010

Luscious lunch

0600 : The last scene of my dream last night (this morning) was weirdly a gigantic flying whale. Hence, I open my eyes and waken up by the luminosity of the sunlight through the brownish curtains straight sun-drenching my bed.

"Alamak, dah terang!"

Dragging my feet to the windows, bolt the curtains to the edge and staggered by the intense sun light with a dazzling heat right on my face. As if God is mad… as I missed the subuh prayer. *dengan nada penuh kekesalan*

I had no time to waste, this morning has to be a quick one! This room needs an intensive-spring-cleaning session. It's been a week since I left for Kendiri, the luggage was still full of dirty laundry, the clean clothes were still freshly packed in the plastic bags waiting to be arranged in the closet, the bags and handbags were mountaining on the other corner of the room, the book shelves were dusty (nampak sangat dah lama tak baca buku), and this study table was in a disastrous mess!

With only a mug of plain water for breakfast, tuck my hair up and started to sort out my dirty laundry and fold them neatly before dunking them into the laundry bag. First step settled! And so went the next few steps until everything is completely done! Then I can look at my room, breathe, and say "Aaah~".

0730 : One hour left til my lunch date (the lunch date was in Surabaya, a 2-hour drive away), therefore we had to get ready earlier than other Malang people who are probably busy preparing breakfast still.

Boiled some water together with a few rosella buds, chopped an apple and dunk it in a bowl together with some cereals and milk. Thus, those were what I called quick-but-with-little-effort breakfast.

0850 : Frente fetched us from home, and hang-out at her house for some time while waiting for Danny, Icha and Hari from their Sunday-prayer.

1130 : Arrived in Hanamasa. Yay!!!

The steamboat buffet and Japanese grills were awesome! Burpp… Alhamdulillah!

The almost three hour lunch was enough to full-filled our tummies. If we all have the tummy-meter, mine would exceed the 'F' mark. Can't remember the last time I had such big feast after the Buka Puasa Buffet at Tupai-Tupai. If I must mentioned this, my family used to have buka puasa at the hotel in which the foods never looked as mouth-watering as ever since my tummy was at the most insatiable gluttonous state due to fasting, and therefore I would take every each of the food and beverage offered in an immensely large quantity, and by chance finished them all (sebab takut nanti mama marah sebab membazir). Consequently, it would very hard for me to ruku' during Maghrib prayer, and I would stay full til sahur the next morning. And so that was the story on how my stomach gets so elastic that it can turned as big as the dustcart a.k.a garbage truck.

1400 : We moved our asses off to Tunjungan Plaza in two separate cars (we came by one car, thank God Dr.Nevy got her big car for the extra ride). Nothing much happened there, but one thing happened for sure – Starbucks therapy! Aww… pity Frente that she only had to swallowed her much accumulated saliva of just looking as us having our tall cups since she has gastritis and caffeine is definitely a no-no.

1800 : From TP to Galaxy Mall. Nothing much happened either, but enjoying our time of togetherness. Got a few pirated DVDs, some drinks and window shopping!

2200 : Head back to Malang and ready for another day of work….

Thanks Frente for the luscious lunch! May God bless you and may all your wishes come true, amin~

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