Saturday, February 6, 2010

Perfect addition

Vanilla mint Listerine tastes a bit of vanilla and I bet the vanilla essence will stay in the bathroom til tomorrow morning. Nah, I prefer the orange flavor nonetheless!

Okay, this entry is suppose has nothing to do with the mouthwash Рit's just a prologue (cause I don't like clich̩ foreword, starting from now, I'll try to write a prologue which has no connection with the main entry).

Hey world, I am 24 now. And I don't feel any different, so it doesn't matter if I am 24 or 42 yea? I am still here on my keyboard, blogging and feel like I am still 23, or perhaps 17. Age really make no difference in my current situation right now. I am stuck in this body of a busy lady struggling to pursue her dreams. I've been in this body-of-a-busy-lady ever since I was 19, and it gets busier by time *sigh*.

I was happier than ever by this time last week. Zuffy came to visit. Though it was such a super short visit, but he never failed to make me beyond-super happy. I envy him… how can he always know how to pleased me? Not that I was only pleased, but I was ecstatically in an extra-dosed-endorphins treatment. I never knew if I can ever create any happiness to him just as how he creates mine.

Before I ever know his existence, I thought my life was perfect, though I may not have everything, but I had enough of the best's. I could be the most arrogant person ever and I was the fan of only-myself. My narcissism was at the highest level (so far, at that time). I have the world's best papa and the most wanted mama, and the merriest siblings one could ever ask for. My friends are a bunch of perfect combination of human beings, my family are the most harmony and I was born and breed under the most favorable hometown.

Then came this man – him. Then was when I realized that I've grown up, cause I met a man and fall in love with. He is the best addition to my so-called-already-perfect life. If I used to have sunny days, he would come and bring me a rainbow, if I used to have starry nights, he would make the moonlight shines brighter. How can I not love this combinations, it makes me sip my life juicier and just right.

To this man, I may have told you how much I love you for so many times, but I swear those words were never adequate neither enough to describe how I am truly feel about you. Thank you for always be yourself and be here for me :)

I showed him my favourite coffee parlor, since we don't have Starbucks in Malang, Java Dancer is the best so far...

He always make 31st January my special day among the 365 days in a year.

On Sunday, my only day off-work, we went to Pasar Minggu and had breakfast there. That's Frente with her post-on-call face. Lumayan... masih bisa tersenyum!

We spent hours at the saloon. He had his so-called 'cheap' director cut and a hair spa, while I enjoyed reflexology by the pond and micromist hairspa.

He sent me off to work and we had lunch date at the hospital.

I was very happy to wake up very early every of the morning while he was here, just to had a quick breakfast together!

His favourite is bakso. Well this is definitely not his bowl! Sejak bile plak Zhaf suka makan sayur kan?

When i meet i *hearts*


zaf said...

Happy Birthday Sayang...

Bil said...

hehe u wished me happy birthday on the 15th feb?
thanks darling!! :*

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