Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kulit & Kelamin comes to an end

'Lab Kulit & Kelamin' that's what we call it, a.k.a Dermatology and venereology department. Overall, after a month of seeing and learning, I'll rank it 8 out of 10. Where did the other 2 points go? Firstly, the doctors and residents do not teach us much at the clinics. We only learn during our case reports and journal readings which were handled by the senior supervisors.

Secondly, I still got the ooie-gooie-goosebumpings kinda feeling when looking at those skin diseases.

And the other lost of 1 point was because of that one particular supervisor whom sees me as invisible, that for that one particular day at the clinic, I was left mingling around and didn't get a single patient. But it's okay, I'm fine, at least she didn't see me rather than she sees me as a karaoke box that she could 'sing' at all day long, and besides, we were all forewarned by others (seniors) about her strangeness and that she has a pet hate for girls, especially the pretty and trendy ones. Oh, at least this makes me feel good knowing that I got one of her hatred criteria. She is weird, everybody who has been to this department would have known her for her 'unique' behavior.

The best thing about this department is (as always) – the outstation!Oh I forgot to blog about my outstation in Kediri last 3 weeks. Well, we were sent to (actually we went by ourselves) study and gaining experience at a hospital especially for Lepra patients – Rumah Sakit Khusus Kusta, Kediri.I went there with 2 of my Malaysian seniors Kak Keen and Kak Jiha and one of my batch mate, Roula (whom also my outstation mate in Bangil). We were one heck of a nonchalant bunch and that what makes me enjoy Kediri the most. One word to describe it should be "vacation!"

Conversely, it has been a wild rumor about the hospital, that it is haunted but particularly in the kamar dokter muda. We were all freaked out even before we depart from Malang and thus we came to an accord to stay the night at a hotel. It was even more fun cause we rent quite a big room and Kak Keen brought almost a complete 'home' to the room. We got toaster, iron, kettle, bla bla and we had hot shower and luscious breakfast every morning before leaving for the hospital.

Every afternoon after work, we would take the beca around the town. One of the night, Dr.Selamat's son, Pak Wid took us to the arc of Kediri which look a lot like Arc Triomphe of Paris and also around the Sempoerna company's 'dynasty'. We were so well treated that we felt more like tourists instead of students.

About Leprosy, I can't believe that it was way so much easier to learn and remember about the disease once I confront the real life situation of Leprosy patients. I was brazen out on the treatment which I thought was one of the most complicated MDT (multidrug therapy) and I came to mindful awareness of how 'shallow' the public are not-knowing the real pathogenesis of this disease but yet seen it as a 'curse'.

Back to the Malang, the final exam was HARD. I mean, confusing! I am going to re-sit for the paper later and that I got to always recall back of what I've learnt and going through the photos so I can recognize and diagnose better.

One of the funniest thing not to forget was – sabun Wing! (to be elaborated…)

Til here, bubbye Kulit & Kelamin. Welcome Obstetric and gynaecology!

p/s : Excitedly waiting for tomorrow! Mama, Naufal, Nawal & Najat are coming over!!! BEST TAK TERHINGGA!



Nukilan Orang Buta Hati said...

kewl studies you have here. damn i wish i could go on a roadtrip from yogja to bali. been planing it for quite some time. btw Whats sabun Wing?

Bil said...

Yeah,bali is awesome and so does jogja!! But malang is not less fun too! We have bromo and batu!

Sabun wing? Hahahaha it is a kind of detergen of multi-use. Bole pkai utk basuh pinggan, basuh baju, basuh lantai, basuh krete pon boleh! But there was this one patient came diagnosed with contact dermatitis, and bile tanya dia mandi pkai sabun ape.. Dia ckp pkai sabun wings! But it was a long funny story masa buat history tu because she cannot speak bhs indo nor bhs jawa, she speaks bhs madura! *]%#&$@?!

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