Monday, March 29, 2010

After call

Why must Sunday comes before Monday? I would have no reason not to enjoy Sunday if only the next day is not Monday.

Yesterday was indeed one of the best on-calls I've ever had. I was at the hospital (particularly in the obstetric recovery room) for 24 hours, observing only 2 post-cesarean section recovering patients, and albeit of the boredom, I at least had the longest soundless sleep in the most comfortable condition I can ever get in the hospital – air conditioned and a nice bed engineered for hospital use.

Since after lunch, I took several long naps in between my patients' injection time, and by 10pm I already laid myself on the bed, reading APO? comic and laugh my ass out silently. The comic kept me up til 12am before I finally woke up at 5am. Before that, I even got the chance to finished up my assignments and watched two DVDs, 'Amelia' and 'Is Anybody There?'.

Then I woke up at a very refreshing Sunday morning, waiting for the shifting. I was so fresh by the time I got home and decided to go to the pasar, but rerouted my direction to the gym. I did break another record of 900cal burned in few sessions of cardio training within almost 2 hours.

In view of the fact that it was still a shiny morning-come-afternoon, and in my gym attire, I went straight to the saloon. OMG, have I told you about things that can turn me orgasmic? Having a really good head and shoulder massage and a hair spa is one of my orgasm factor. Oh well…~

My Sunday is then wrapped up by a nice fine dining with Frente, Dr. Maya and her friend who came all the way from Jakarta, Ian.

Burrpp… excuse moi~

Seems like I have to prepare for Monday now. Good night!

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