Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life’s jest

This sounds crazy, but I just became the mayor of the psychiatry ward in the hospital of where I'm practicing. Didn't know that wards need a mayor though – Foursquare is nonsensically fun! Oh, not to miss, I am also the mayor of the fitness center where I trained, LOL now?!

Meh sini siapa ada masalah jiwa, sila bayar cukai!
Siapa nak kurus dan badan yang fit, sila bayar cukai ke mayor baru anda...

I think I had just enough laugh for today (although the 4sq @ Foursquare thingy is not 'that' so funny anyways). Well, I think I had the most obscured laugh this whole month!!! This is yet the best posting ever – psychiatry, you rock my socks! Walaupun sebenarnya tak pernah pon pakai socks pergi kerja… jap, rephrase – psychiatry, you rock my crocs! That's better.

Since I've done my psychiatry bed-side and conference exams on Tuesday, it feels like majority of the work pressure has been relinquished off me. Regarding my psychiatry exam, I thank God big time that I was examined by nicest and the most lenient supervisor from the department. Although I might have a lot of laughter and sweetest time this whole month in the department, I must say that being given such a-heaven-sent examiner is the sweetest of all! Alhamdulillah… 
I am supposed to keep my 'Psychiatry comes to an end' entry for tomorrow, but I can't retain myself from blogging about what has happened today. It might not be the funniest experience, but it is quaintly hilarious I'm sure.

So, today we didn't spend much time with the patients in the ward nor attaining the clinic because we had some presentation and discussion over some journals. The first journal was just 'too much too high' for my level, it's something about the conscious, subconscious mind, quantum conscious, metaphysics, energy, midbrain, and all the stuff that can only make me go

"err… what?" and

"whattha?" or

"I thought I signed up for medic school, isn't this engineering or paranormal activity or what??!"

Our supervisor was so engross with it, but when it comes to Q&A, all of us seemed blurry (bukan all the time pon students akan buat muke pandai-padahal-blur and tanak tanya questions ke lepas presentation??!)

After lunch, we proceed to the next journal which was about hallucination – yeah, this is what I called psychiatry! However though, my lunch needed more oxygen for assimilation and metabolism I reckon, to the extent that my brain need to give up and therefore, I got so freaking sleepy and couldn't concentrate but just chitchatting with my friend.


A patient directly entered the class. Terkejut beruk semua orang! Wah kok bisa sampe ke sini?? Terus terbeliak mata I, and dah tak jadi ngantuk! Mata semua orang pon terbeliak kot tengok budak tu tiba-tiba terceguk dekat depan kelas… nasib baik takde mata orang yang sampai tercabut keluar dari soket. Alhamdulillah…

"Lho, ngak bisa masuk ke sini"

"Aku mau presentasi" – the 16 year-old patient said.

Nak ketawa sampai terberak tak?? But as usual, we as politely hold back our hysterical laughs and just let out a little chortle.


Nukilan Orang Buta Hati said...

Kok ga bisa presentasi? lol

Bil said...

iya emang ga bisa lah! dia itu kan pasien mas, mana ngertia apa2 kalo mau dikasi presentasi juga nnt gimana coba? bakal berantakan, ketawa2 smua! ribet!

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