Sunday, June 6, 2010

Psychiatry comes to an end

This is yet one of the best posting I've ever had!

Rephrase, 'this is yet one of the funniest posting I've ever had – despite of a few despises'. First of all, it is what we called 'small lab', which psychiatry posting is not included in the four major departments. Everybody enjoys minor postings in the small labs/departments, less hassle, less anxious, less patients, less on-calls, more fun!

Secondly (should be foremost-ly), there is no resident doctors in psychiatry ward! Yayyy!!! You just have to understand how is it like to work with bunch of other 'students' who bossed around just because they get a lot of pressure from the supervisors, which they are trying to share the burdens with the pity little interns like us.

Thirdly (the most unique reason), our patients are our bundle of joy! wEe~ Honestly!!! Where can you find a flock of happy 'sick people' in the hospital who live in their very most ecstatic life and could fly to cloud nine? Mesti lah patient ruang 23 (a.k.a psychiatry ward). Excuse me when I addressed them as 'flock', I mean, they are so much like cheerful birds flying over their freedom without having anything to worry of. And one of the patients really could fly! Really! She 'flew' up into our class while we were having journal discussion, and offer herself to do the presentation.

Fourthly, the on-call didn't really as stressful too. I appreciate the fact that they provide a tolerable yet the most pleasing kamko (kamar koas) that is up to satisfactory. I never had to worry about not getting a good sleep while on-calls, because there are good bed with nice mattress, daily changed of bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and even bolsters! Not forgotten, a fan, a clean telekung and a sink.

Fifthly, I couldn't be luckier that the supervisor who examined me for my final assessment, was the most lenient, nicest and everyone's-favourite!

Apart of the many reasons to like my psychiatry posting, there was too the downbeat of it. Didn't I blogged enough about 'The Royal Highness' who always keep my blood flowing rapidly and my heart pumps vigorously? Yeah, that was distressing enough… but as always, to keep myself calm and insane over her psychotic reverse-psychology test, I take it as meagerly as it was never my fault, nevertheless sparingly her hormones to blame!

Psychiatry ward is not like any other wards. Now I get it why it is known as 'hospital bahagia' back in Malaysia. It is really that cheery! The patients are in high spirits, even some can be really harmful! Their stay are like living in hostels, they are free to roam around the hospital, even out of the hospital to buy foods. There will be morning psychotherapy where they will be assembled and conducted to exercise or dancing together.

One morning about 4:15am, I woke up and making my way to the surau for subuh, where I realized one of the patient just came out from the bathroom, all drenched in singlet and kain pelekat, and said,

"Ayo ke kantor!" (lets go to the office)

"Kok pagi banget ke kantor mas?" I replied,

"Iya, biar ngak macet"

Still in his all drenched singlet and kain pelekat, he grabbed a helmet, put it on, and walk to the bench in the other corner of the garden, sit there pretending like he was driving a motorcycle. Memang lah pakcik ni tau, subuh2 dah buat orang ketawa nak terberak!

About 15 minutes after I came back from the surau, he was sitting still on the bench, still with the helmet on. Mungkin dia belum sampai office lagi, memang betul la ada traffic jam dalam perjalanan dia tu kot…

The same patient, will 'answer his phone' whenever he heard anyone's handphones ringing.

One of them likes to swim with the fish in the pond but claim himself cleaning the pond.

Some of them claimed to be close to God that whenever she prays God will directly answer, some of them are obsessed over getting into the military, some wants to have a boyfriend so badly, some wants to become a secretary so much, some believes that he has a serious bowel disorder and wanted to undergo a surgical procedure so badly, many 'see' and 'hear' things… all of them are unique in their own way, and they behave so hilariously! Serious comel, tak tipu!!!

Not to mention, one of the 'luckiest' experience was to be in that posting while Sandi was recovering. He is the world's famous smoking baby for crying out loud! He's fine now, at least he hasn't been asking to smoke for 31 days when I last asked his parents. Hopefully everything goes well with him and his family, in their new house, with new environment. Start a new life Sandi! You're only 3 for God's sake!

Okay, dah malas nak tulis lagi. Over all, I rate this posting 8 ½ out of 10. One point is taken off by the infuriating Royal Highness and another half point is for not having that much to learn since the mental scope is still quite ambiguous for me.


k0k s3n w4i said...

shit, the smoking baby got admitted to the psych ward? makes sense tho since that's where they help people get rid of their addictions :)

med student from malacca here. psych is one of my favourite postings too :)

Bil said...

oh, hey there! which uni in melaka?

the boy was first admitted into the pead, and transferred to the psych to get psychotherapy..
comel gile ok!

Nukilan Orang Buta Hati said...

yuk ke kantor hahahah thats a great one...

Bil said...

monggo, hati2 di jalan ya pak!

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