Friday, June 5, 2009

To be done

Allow me to puke

*buaarggghhhh weerrrkkkk uuwaaaarrrkkkk uurkk urkkk (and all the vomiting sound you could think of)

I've been facing nose-to-nose with this one particular thing for weeks, oh no, months actually and it just got worse and even worse than worse. This one particular thing is nothing unusual, but my thesis.

Aarrgghhh!! I can just go ballistic seeing/hearing/pronouncing the word 'thesis'!!! Tolongggg I'm all wacky, and please please pretty please end all this torment ASAP before I become a thesisphobic.

My definition is definitely right! This country is a jinx, it's undonesia!

T* (I can't finished typing the word) has been an unbearable mission (which I amazingly seems to bear with it after all) throughout these 2 years. I've been climbing slowly with the researches and experiments and… today I reached the climax of all of it – I finally presented my research, Alhamdulillah everything went smooth and great *senyum skit*

However there are still sequences of revision following which I have to complete within this 2 weeks. Kan dah kata… belum siap lagi! UNDONE yet u know~ takper… relax (paleotak la nak relax!).

So, about my presentation this morning… I really thank Dr. Sudjari big time for being such super supportive consultant. I can never thank him enough, he has done a lot for me and backed me up ultimately especially today. Not only that he helped me explaining the unnecessary absurdity that the examiners had, but he profusely convinced the examiners on my righteous, how dedicated I was throughout the exploration and everything! Awww… I was truly touched!

About my examiner (the one on my previous post), I gotta thank him after all for being very perfectionist and thus make my writings flawless. He is super perfect that he didn't even missed to check a single full stop, comma, and things like that. Since he is a pathologist, I think he ran through my writings under the microscope. Hehe!

There is a sentence (spotted by the examiner) in my proposal which I find it quite silly, in which I translated from English into Bahasa Indonesia – "the disease is usually a self-limiting" and I translated it into "penyakit ini biasanya dapat membatasi diri sendiri dan akan sembuh sendiri". I think I was trying to make a little dramatic sentence there but it just didn't work out! Btw, a disease (not an object) don't cure, but patients do cure from a disease.

So now, I'm still on my mission to enriched on my t*. Been Googling and Googling and I guess by the end of the day, I might change my spectacles to goggles thick glasses!

FINAL EXAM is sooooooo around the corner and I have done absolutely nothing about it! Nak studyyyyyyyyy!!! (Bila tgh busy, tibe2 time tu rasa rajin nak study plak! Kejamnya perasaan ini…)

*tibe2 rasa nak demam* (SERIOUS okay~)


qishie said...

sila semangat menghabiskan saki baki hari di negara yg TERCHENTA ni.


Bil said...

saki baki? what do u mean?!! i have another 2 freaking years! thats a loooong way to go!

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