Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Strong enough to break

Problems are queuing up a beeline. After one another, waiting for their turn to punch out and break this metalized-heart and squeezed out my dried-out tear pool. I've been living with troubles and tribulations throughout my years here. Its just too much! Too much but yet I'm still standing. I have to!

These trials are just too cruel for me to bear. The hardship has no merci and its pouring like a tsunami. I can't believe that this is happening to me… all what I've planned and dream of are casting out, just like that! All these hard work and headaches chasing over datelines means nothing, nothing at all!!!

Help – is not in their dictionary, tolerance – is a very extraordinary, lenience – is only for their benefit, lembap – nombor satu, money – is everything!

MIRACLE is all I need right now.

Oh Allah, if this can't be any lighter for me to abide,

at least make me stronger and show me ways to be optimistic for whatever reason it has to be.

Grant me, with at least something.

Something that is as good as what I can't get.


freNNy said...

shit i nk tergelakkkk ok ur missed emotions picture !!!!!!!!

mcm2 hell !!!

plg xtahan tu konon2 alim pkai telekung *ye fren tau bill anak solehah*..itu mmg sah2 lawak ok!! xpnh2 org nk ambek pic pkai telekung berdoa n upload kt internet.... hahahaha....lawakkkkk!!!


Bil said...

freeenn!! ape u ni.. tak seswai la u comment mcm ni dkt entry i yg suppose sedih.. HEhehe!

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