Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who are you again??

I don't simply add people into my FB, neither do I approve strangers to access into my private profile. It's not just about getting my privacy evicted by strangers or stalkers or gossip b*tches or other mthr f*kers out there, but it's about self respect and the valuation for friendship. I mean, I am no celebrity or people idol, who am I to get fans, strangers and outsiders to invade my life and all about it that I have to published in FB?

As my life is tiny bit of craps and emotions, I'd simply want it to be on myself and among my family, close friends, colleagues and trusted acquaintances. And strictly no strangers.

Frequently I get friend requests from human from out of the middle of nowhere that their existence had never went across my peculiar mind. It often keeps me wonder whether these unfamiliar person know me. And my answer to myself is always a 'no'. It is annoying most of the time to get these kind of desperados request whenever I check out my FB. Of course jangan harap la I nak layan and accept. However, I don't straight away ignore their requests with possibility I might re-call their existence somewhere sometimes over my past few years of living as I accept the fact that I tend to forget some people I've met and overlooked at them. After giving myself a few days of re-calling, and if I failed, I'll kindly sent them a private message that may sounds like this :

Hey there, I just got ur friend request, but I'm sorry that u're not familiar to me for me to accept that. Or forgive me if I just cant recall myself. Do u actually know me? Have we met? Do u think I know u? Regards, Bil.

Some might find it offensive, but I'm not the kind of person who kindly do something just to be kind and polite. I don't mind not being polite if it involves my privacy and dignity. As far as I know, I don't put any vulgar remarks in my message and it is suppose to mean short, friendly, clear and straight forward.

Most of the time, I get replies. I was right, they don't even know me as much as I don't know them. They insist that they were just trying to make friends. That's alright.

First impression is very important, and they seem to fail that. Sorry. You don't just go knocking into someone's door and be obstinate they let you in, unless if you're a direct seller. To be friends, you first have to introduce yourself, or at least say 'hi'. There are simple vital skills! Not to say that you have to pursue along the protocols in order to be my friend, but… hey, self respect at least, don't make fool of yourself look too much a stranger to someone whom you wish to make friends with.

Another thing that annoys me is when they reply my message with something like:

'it's ok if you don't want to accept me' or 'nevermind, you can just ignore it'.

Yea, and it's very okay for me either, I'll ignore you that very second after! What I interpret from this is that – you're not serious of becoming my friend in the first place. You're just trying your luck to get into my circle.
Phew, thank God I get rid of you!

Oh and there's another kind of reply I got – the stupidest I reckon yet kinda rude :

'FB is meant to widen up our network and bring people together. I don't think it's wrong for strangers to become friends'

Hello mister, it is so meant to be that way and it is so never in the history of human civilization is wrong for strangers become friends. If you must know that, your way of approaching someone is just inappropriate. At least, not in my way.

I will approve friend requests from these kind of people :

  1. Family members, be them my very far far relatives. We don't have to be friends, we were born under the same root.

  2. Friends I know (of course)

  3. Colleagues

  4. Acquaintances – someone I spoke with even for few words. At least we know the existence of each other.

  5. Request that came with at least a 'hi' and continue with introduction.

  6. Request that didn't come with a private message but have quite an impressive reply to my message.

And just so you know, my boyfriend knows exactly how this works on me.

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rafiq said...

yes ude ... if u are in my fb consider youself lucky.

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