Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iota #14 - Todays Catch

From Surabaya Post :

About our Bakti Sosial Program @ Baksos is on Surabaya Post. Also linked to my previous post.

From The Star :

No Big Deal – I wonder who needs who here… I wonder who is the 'desperado' and who is the 'egoist'. All I can say is that – Like we ever care~ Who needs whose $$ now? We still can b GENEROUS to bangladeshi, philipinos, paki, siamese, tibetan, liberian, siberian. Lalalalaalaa~

From You Tube :

The Saturdays – Work official video. Aww… hot bodies are so motivating!!! Also see 'Just Can't Get Enough'. If I were to have an all girl groupies, I'll have the influence from PCD and The Saturdays and it'll be The Saturdays Dolls (Pussycat is so NO! since I have this one loathing for cats) and we'll have all the hot dance moves with our sexy bodies. Cehh berangan!!!

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