Monday, June 1, 2009

The grin

I was walking down the aisle in between the parasitology and pharmacology lab, making my way up to the office where I supposed to register my thesis. I thoroughly make my-signature-wide-steps brisk walk through the aisle as I was chasing over the envious time. Once I reached the entrance of the pharmacology lab, two lads were standing by talking to each other. I recognized one of the guys – plump and has always have this daunting grin on his face, he was one of my classmate who without-any-specific-reason took a long break (whole semester) which resulting him to dropped-out of the class and consequently joined the next class the year after. By mean, he is now my junior.

About this guy

He was one of the earliest Indonesian friends I had since we were in the same 'keluarga PK 2 MABA' (orientation group). I didn't really quite recognized him by then since he was all quiet and passive. But one thing I can remember is that grin on his face, so menacing and it creeps me out everytime he does that. The grin (not mistaken by a smile) is not less different than the It's (the Stephen King's movie – IT) or rather the Batman's Joker. The smirking beam is fully sated by filthy secrets that only he can tell, and is surely one's worth nightmare.

Call me naïve, but it just never runs through my mind to have a different opposite thought of him but just an innocent fat boy who is anxious about the surrounding world and always keep himself low to avoid being intimidated by other friends who have way much confidence. As I heard from almost everyone, as how they have observed and some of their experiences, I gotta believe that my thought of him was entirely wrong. Little did I realized that beneath those filthy fat tissues lies an indecent psyche mind. He is a psychopath!
And that grin, is just the external sign of it.

As time passes by, as lectures and classes and lab practices went on, I started to prove that other people were right, he's not that innocent fat boy anymore. He secretly have impure passions in the opposite sex, and sometimes I caught him sneaking and staring at our female classmates. I started to grow creeps on my skin whenever I see his face. Thank God, we were only in the same class for that hell of first semester.

Back to today

As I walk closer to them, making myself through the entrance, goosebumps started to appear as the hairs were merely erected by fear. I just wished he didn't notice me. But poor me, he did. The second I passed him, I realized the quick turned of his head without moving his neck,

he looked at me and confidently said "Nabilah"

and not forgotten, the grin!

Oh my god! How the hell can he still remember my name!!! !@#%$^&* I replied him with a fidgety grin and accelerate my feet up to the office…

About 1 hour later, I finally made my way home. Switched on the TV, grabbed a Buavita lychee juice and throw myself helplessly on the couch. As I was watching "Wizard of Waverly Place" on Disney Channel, my handphone rang. That's odd. I barely get any phone calls at this hour, it was from an unknown number. I picked it up with my curious voice and heard a man's voice over. The line wasn't all clear so we had to repeat back everything said.

"Ini siapa?" (repeated several times)

")!(@*#$&%&^!" (still not clear of what is spoken)

In between the noise of unclear speech, I suddenly heard a word that definitely turned the fright out of me. The very word is a name (a name to be kept confidential).

WHATTHA?!!! (I thought to myself) could this be HIM who called me?! Where the hell did he get my number from?! I am so going to kill someone for this!

After few seconds of a fretful angst and anxiety, I finally heard him clearly. Phew~ no, it was not 'HIM'… it was someone else who shares the same name as him. Hahaha that's freaking funny!

Anyway, that man of the same name as the psychopath brought me some terrible news about my thesis. My presentation time is clashed with someone else's and either one of us have to re-scheduled. Done with that, and I re-scheduled mine to 30 minutes earlier than scheduled, its just that I have to go all round again and informed everyone who is going to be involved. Sabar… sabar…~

Last but not least, I finally set the date for my thesis's examination. I'll be presenting my 2 years of research on this Thursday, 4th June 2009 at 9am. Wish me luck! *wink*

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