Saturday, May 30, 2009

LOVE - big, huge, gigantic and larger than life!!!

When I'm in love, I enormously spin the world and nothing can stop me!

I'm falling in love again. Oh wait, not again but I just got the love booster jab right through my heart, I am chronically in an intense love affair. My heart is beating now and it ain't like how tachycardia can ever describe it. HE is my heartthrob, my first ever love. I am so devoted, I worship this affection.

Introducing… (do I still need to introduce him?)
the biggest cookie-candy-apple-crumbled-oreo-mixed-starbucks-frappucino of my heart – Jordan Taylor Hanson. *lup dup lup dup lup dup (heartbeat goes 700 times per second)*

Oh baby, you're awake! And you vastly shake my world once again with your oh-so-melting voice and songs! I'm glad you were born in this century or Shakespeare would have to retire early from poetry writing (obviously because Taylor Hanson is farrrr more talented and romantic than him), and thus we're fate to 'meet'. Thought it's tougher to catch the fame in this era, your talent is still indomitable and you're forever my #1.

Still a Hanson, though he has a new project – a band, Tinted Windows and is apart of the band as vocalist (duh~ his voice is the north pole cause of melting). Listening to "A Kind of a Girl", I believe it is written for me (I always knew that all the songs he wrote are for me). I'm enjoying my life and my world is spinning round and round again! I knew you will always rock my world!!! And I will forever have faith in you!

Damn, I need solidifier (as I am progressively melting right now)…


Taylor Hanson's new band
Tinted Windows on Twitter
Tinted Windows


Bil said...

testing testing

Corey said...

wah i am touched.sungguh persistent cintamu. tapi sygnya tidak faithful :P

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