Friday, May 8, 2009

Malas = tua

Hitherto, I have encountered 3 damn lark cases of slothful elderly – in which the recent case had set me an ultimate knock down on my deliberation. Starting today, I promise to try my best to keep myself as occupied as possible and erase off the word 'lazy' from my dictionary. The more laziness I put myself into, the older I become, and of course so-not-hot.

Elderly by other mean, is a group of human on a certain age where being lazy is not a crime, and procrastination is another word for 'wait a minute' which a minute can be up to forever and still tolerable (forgivable sin).

Allow me to blab on some utter jokes from the hospital.

May 2009

In emergency department – resuscitation area, where action has to be taken as lightning fast as possible.

Doctor : Bapak, keluhannya apa pak?

Patient (of approximately late 60s) : pertamanya ya dok.. saya sakit perut.. keduanya.. blablabla, ketiga, blablabla

Me : (dlm hati) dah start dah grandfather story dia~ top to toe la penyakit dia...

Doc : dada nya sakit kayak apa pak? Seperti ditusuk, atau ditekan atau gimana?

Patient : (looks confused) nanti saya fikirkan…

Doc : ya, silakan… (controlling his patience down his throat)

Me : *crack out my hysterical laugh silently but with a bit of unrestrained giggle* 'nanti'??? WHEN la wahai bapak~

February 2009

This was the final scene of a doctor's trial (after 2-3 times of failure). Doctor was trying to check on patient's (very cranky old fart woman) anal muscle strength with rectal touché procedure which requires her to wrench full force to strain.

Doctor : Aunty, bila saya masuk jari dalam, aunty kasi tekan mcm mau berak. Ok?

Patient : *nodded*

Doctor : Okay aunty, teran!!! Teran sekarang!

Patient : *buat muka bodoh*

Doctor : Aunty… sudah berapa kali aunty janji mau kasi teran. Sekarang tolong kasi teran macam mau berak. Kuat-kuat! Please la aunty, teran!! Teran!!

Patient : *sigh* besok.

Doc : !@#$%^&*

Me : *crack out my hysterical laugh silently but with a bit of unrestrained giggle* Besok?? tahun depan je la skali...

February 2009

Nurse : pak cik, makan ubat ni dulu eh, bagi kurang sakit.

Pak cik : hmm… nanti la. Tunggu sihat.

Nurse : macam mane nak sihat klau tak makan ubat. Meh makan ubat ni eh…

Pak cik : malas la, takde selera…

Me : (dalam hati) pak cikkkkk please la jangan buat lawak. You are so funny alright!

So the conclusion here is either :

You become lazier as you grow older


You grow older as you become lazier.


nadheito said...

bil mmg funny betul, i completely agree.

will bring u back one hella hot surf dude yg kena stung dgn jelly fish.

missing u bil.:(
will definitely come and visit u kat indon
am dragging izha along!


rizz said...

hishh xley mlas2:p

Bil said...

nadh!!!! im waiting for u and the rest!! miss u much babe!

rizz : u mmg sgt rajin... patut la tak nampak tua ;)

qishie said...

ni semua situasi kat RSSA ke sis?

dem lawak!

Bil said...

february tu dkt HKL

may tu MALAM SEMALAM okay~ that bapak mmg byk buat lawak spontan, klau boleh ketawa kuat2, mmg satu rssa dengar i ketawa.

Corey said...

scary, paranormal experience ada tak?

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