Friday, May 29, 2009

Eh eh (nothing else I can say)

*music mode : Eh eh (nothing else I can say) – Lady Gaga (I just feel like going 'eh eh, eh eh' this whole night long).

Thesis examination's date might be changed. Most probably, by high chance that it's going to be earlier than scheduled. I'm fine. The sooner the better, the greater stress load nonetheless. It's okay, relax Bil… inhale – exhale!

Gotta make that confirmed this Monday! Then I can start practicing for the presentation, and wear all the anticipations on. Not forgotten, to prepare flaunting sentences in case if I got stumped by tricky questions from the examiners later and don't know how to answer – confidence and some pretentious are what important . Man, I can feel the heat is coming!

Since I declined my participation for English debate to represent my class, I've reinstated my 'guilt' by participating in the English Mixed Quiz this evening, hence won the first place! Yay!!! Hail to all my team mates, good job guys!!! About the debate, I really apologized that with no specific reason of declination, I really don't feel like debating in any time now, my heart is just not there when my mind is burdened with so many things to deem. For this year's Dekan Cup, although we are not going to have chorus speaking, I hope I helped the class with the quiz, at least we won some money for our 'show' later! Yeeehaaa, yaribba! *neigh sound*

Final exam is just around the corner… okay!

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