Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All that since then…

Life is getting less hectic, and it's not all that good news as I am getting less occupied in which means more of lazing around. I finally get back my evening naps and go-online-for-forever.

Clerkship is finally over, phew~

I always wanted to write some of my valuable and some of tedious experiences during the eight-weeks-non-stop clerkship. Nevertheless, I am not in that very mood to play with words cause there are surely much to portray and express. I still (however) think that my 2 weeks of clinical attachment in HKL was more worth-it and fun than this, and I am trying hard not to compare here.

Zhaf came over Malang to visit me early this month (end of last month actually). I am more than happy to finally get to celebrate his birthday together this year, despite of the very modest little party at my house with my housemates. Regardless of the envious time together, we managed to get the aim done successfully, which was to get him walk into my shoes and live my so-called life here (except that he stayed at a 3-star hotel). At least, from now on, he has the picture of how things are going on around me here, like how the hospital is like, how 'fun' the angkut ride, how 'happening' Matos and MOG are, how the campus is like, and also to taste some of my common meals too.

We lost the futsal league last Sunday, terribly. Didn't know what went wrong, oh yea we had very little practice once and I believe other teams have had prepared months before the game. But it's okay, we are all very busy to commit to that anyways… Growing older is pathetic~

My after exam reward was a visit from Zhaf, now I'm getting my after clerkship reward which is camping by the beach (over this weekend). What??! Beach? Yea!!! wEee I love beaches! Bale Kambang here I come!!!

Hereby, Happy Mothers' Day mama! And since Mothers' day is everyday, Happy Mothers' Day in advance mama (for tomorrow onwards). You can have the greatest mom in the world, but my mama, she is the better than greatest mom in the whole wide universe (tak leh lawan!)


Nadine Mazbar said...

Let's go beach ooh la la !!! ;D

:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...
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:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...

bil!! we just got back from balekambang a few weeks ago! u've been there too before rite? tmpt tu best la and unique kn? that pura place pnye erm patung siap buat peace lg. hahaha.

enjoy ur weekend okeh!!

nisha jailani said...

excuse me, kitorang tak pernah practice pun, tak pernah main futsal pun before ni, tengok2 sama je level dengan 'wakil pkpmi ke jokja n won twice'. hem2.

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