Monday, May 18, 2009

Camp and beach!

Of all the places on Earth, beaches are the closest to heaven. Well, I just made this up. I know you can always be closer to God and heaven wherever you are… but literally, beaches are too.

Bil Does Camp!

Someone just couldn't believe me when I said I just came back from camping. Isn't the word 'camping' suits me? It depends actually… believe it or not I already went camping five times in my whole life! Of course it is not a big deal for those camping lovers, but for those people who thought that I am the-hotel-and-resort-holiday kinda girl, you gotta update your brain man! Because Bil does camp!

The first time I went for camping when I was 7 with my cousin who was also 7. Seven! I don't think any of your ever went camping as early as that age… well, it wasn't exactly camping, but it was an exclusive program for summer camp – Bakaprep Summer Camp at Morib. We were the youngest participants in that camp, possibly because we were too smart that we got the offer (there was actually some kind of IQ test program our parents send us, and seemed like we passed excellently with other adults participants that we were offered to join the camp) . If only I was matured enough to enjoy that camp rather than getting homesick all week there, it would be one hell of ecstatic experience.

Second summer camp when I was 14, went with my brother. I was matured enough to enjoy natures of Dusun Eco Resort, however the program wasn't really that-fun for me. Perhaps, I am not really that kind of 'forest and jungle' kinda girl.

Third summer camp was one heck of coolest experience I've ever had. The Urban Summer Camp at Kompleks Sukan Negara. Though it is an urban camp, we still put up camps and bonfire and had other camping activities plus even more exclusive experiences. We visited all the stadiums in KSN, play on the turf where world class athletes compete, swim in the olympic-sized pool where Ian Thorpe was once won a medal, jump into their gym, sit on the seats where the VIPs of Commonwealths were once set their asses on, and even abseiled down from the stadium roof top.

Forth and fifth camp were what I called the 'real' camps. Totally trucks, tents, bonfires and barbecues. Although the toilet was the most pathetic toilet I've ever been to, yet I must say the worst toilet on Earth, but I enjoyed the whole camp as I am a big fan of beaches.

Love for beaches I love beach so much that I didn't want to miss any second to enjoy it that I couldn't sleep. I did sleep actually, hitherto the most beautiful sleep I've ever had, where my whole body touches the sand, where my eyes perceive the whole starry night sky, and the zephyr grasp of exquisite ocean breeze gently brush off my skin – oh heaven~

I cherish every moment in the camp, with everyone there and I really appreciate the big effort that the organizers had put into it just to make it an unforgettable experience for everyone. Though the midnight games were out of the agenda, however I thank those who joined my crazy sleepless night.

After all, beaches fascinate me too much. Too much that I want to live by the ocean where I can heed the clutters of waves, behold the horizon line in every view of my windows, observe the sunsets, jogging by the low tide beach every morning, scrutinized every living creature in the clear water, indulged myself a sea sand spa, get a wardrobe of only bikinis, parios, shirts, shorts and summer dresses, slip my feet only in slippers, sip fresh coconut drinks everyday and do everything everything about beach and the ocean. Perhaps I would get myself a boat so I can go cruising…

And I am preparing venue for my dream beach wedding… where the hell can I get a nice romantic beach nearby SJ? Sunway Lagoon? Lol!!!


Nadine Mazbar said...

If I have a beach house one day, you and Zhaf are invited ! Hehehe ;D Owh bestnya know what dear suddenly I'm thinking one in Malibu beach...damn nice ahhhhh ~ ;D

Along Time Ago said...


Along ingat lagi, Along yg sambut bil ngan men balek Bakaprep kat depan gate rumah... 2-2 hitam, muka nak nangis!

Pastuh baju byk hilang sbb jatuh bawah pangkin! Salah 1 baju yg hilang adalah baju polly pocket bil!

Ingat tak?

Bil said...

alonggg!!! lawak gile la ingat bakaprep tu.. sbnarnya boleh jadi best.. tp tu lah~ baju polly pocket hijau ada pink2. waaa!!!

kak nad : im dreaming of maldives and hawaii and everything in between!

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