Monday, May 25, 2009

Si Bidan Terjun

Nobody can tell exactly what just happened this morning, neither did I.

I woke up to a normal morning in Malang (where pressures await right on my doorstep). After a long phone talk with mama, I continued escalating my Sunday morning with appreciation of a further snoozes (who wouldn't want to wake up late on Sundays?). I had exactly ten terrific hours of sleep before I finally get up of bed and join the morning coffee downstairs with my housemates.

To cut off the crap, I finally found myself in UM (Universitas Negeri Malang) with a slight idea of what exactly was happening. Prof. Siusanti (whom I just met) was organizing some kind of what consider as a big international seminar. On a glance, the topic of the seminar wouldn't interest me at all and have absolutely nothing to do with my life here. Little did I realized that that seminar had actually something big to do with moi and Kim. We were there to actually replace the main speaker in presenting the whole topic.

However, the whole idea of the seminar was supposed to be presented by an honored professor imported all the way from USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia). Eventually, the honored professor a.k.a the main speaker couldn't quite made it… and so that was why, we as very obliging helpful Malaysian were there on his behalf to present his paperwork. Quite lucky that the material was there, so all we did was just to read/present it out to the very-high-expectation audiences. Additionally, there were also professors from the Philippines and Indonesia itself who were also contributing to the topic discussed.

As Malaysian, I appalled by irresponsibility of the professor who failed to showed up (with less than 24-hour notice) and ultimately disappoint his affiliates and fellow audiences who came with high anticipation to listen to his talk. It was rather an unforgivable excuse that he missed his flight *eye-rolling, please deh!

As for us, how could we decline to relieve a desperation from someone who badly in need? I understand how disappointed and stressful Prof. Siusanti was to get such silly excuse in a such short notice (btw, she was already waiting at the Juanda airport for that so-called prof).

Anyways, the very odd topic was "The Concept of Sustainability in Arts" which we have absolute nil idea about. As far as my concern, firstly, medical study has nothing close to do with arts, no batik paintings, no sculptures nor carvings, neither do we know about Monet, Cezanne, Picasso, etc (and so you know, we only familiar with Koch, Pasteur, Ehrlich, Lister, Virchow) . Secondly, we're only SPM-graduate students and undergraduate doctors who stood on the stage with the same level with PhD and masters holders in arts. Adoi~

Thinking of the funny side of it… after the whole thing was done, there came a man (an art teacher) handing me a paper. Guess what was on it?!

A sketch of my potrait!!! And cliché-ly, his phone number… *goosebumps*

Hoi, orang pegi seminar untuk dengar la, bukan utk melukis! Klau cantik takper jugak… boleh scan and letak sini :P

p/s : Zuffy dearest, Get well soon sweetheart! hugs & kisses*

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