Monday, May 11, 2009

Si gemuk mengidam lagi…

After nasi ayam

Just recently, I got profusely salivated when thinking of fried rice in which I prefer to be called Nasi goreng. All my senses toiled as near to realism as possible to get my brain imagined the authentic taste of nasi goreng and thus compensate the passion with imagination.

From the delicate structures of rice and its constituents

To the signature smell of sautéed garlic, shallots, anchovies and dried prawns in a well heated wok with shining fresh palm oil

The passionate colour combination of soy sauce and mixed vege (well, I hate the processed mixed vege – so fake and plagiarized the taste. I prefer freshly mixed vege of long beans, carrots and some greens)

The original taste of fusion of several unique sauces and seasonings that gives different experiences on every bite

The unique and inventive servings with that warm air surrounded the mountain of rice that surely stimulated every salivary glands…

And all about Nasi goreng was vividly played on my mind over and over as my saliva drool in excess. But all I wanted was that very nasi goreng from abang kakak, in which nowhere could be found. Sleeping didn't help to stop the cravings, so I cooked my own nasi goreng few days after. The distinctive different taste from what I have imagined, but still it was called nasi goreng, so I succumbed and stop craving.

Tonight, is the peak craving for Danish butter cookies. This I have been longing for the past 2 days. I've checked the large tin of Danish's but it was too costly for my budget. I didn't get the small packet since I know I'll be hunger for more. I thought my Iman was strong enough to hold it, but I am still hankering til this second. I've tried to reimburse this craving over Biskut Tiger, and I have finished up the large pack, but still the craving is there. Somewhere, up in my brain, down to my salivary gland and rocking my tummy.

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rizz said...

cedapnye nsi goreng hahaha

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