Monday, October 17, 2011

Found it!

I finally found what I’ve been searching for my whole life from every inch of the world! *exaggerating mode*

These are my happy pills today!  More to like an overdosed drug.
My all time favourite notebook
Sekarang saya sudah lebih bersemangat untuk memulakan alam kehidupan yang  baru iaitu alam pekerjaan. TIPU JERRR!!! *konflik dalam diri membuak-buak*

But honestly, with these notebooks in hand, makes me feel more stylo about walking in the boring white coat with a stethoscope hanging around my neck. This kind of notebook has a little significant story in the history of my life. First of all, I fell in love at first sight when I first saw this notebook during window shopping back in Malang. Due to economical reason, I got a couple of these after a long consideration. Secondly, I am always in search for a unique, easy-to-use-and-keep and pretty notebooks to have in hand, and this is my most macho!

This is what I woke up to. This is where I first had my roti cheese. I forgot who introduced me to this, probably Elisha or Syaz or anyone of the girls, and this is where I first had it. Back then, there were no other mamak who had this on their menu except here in Taj, then Melur had it. Talking about Taj, I’m glad to know that they are categorized as restaurant ‘sangat bersih’ by the MPSJ. Seriously, once I checked-in there (in 4sq) most of the tips were about the cleanliness of the place, and seriously habuk pon tarak!

Then this! Quarter chicken with the marvelous gravy at Dave’s Deli. I love Dave’s Deli at the same level of my love for Kenny Roger’s. I like the fact that they had the protein as the main dish and the carbs as side dishes (talking about nutrient imbalance which I supposed to suit me). Again, I am glad to know that they had upgraded the restaurant to double (or triple) the size of the previous ones (which is now taken over by Starbucks). Okay, there’s Starbucks in Subang Parade! WeEehOo~ excited tanpa makna atas sebab pengangguran :(

Silalah ke Subang Parade! It has always been my comforting neighbourhood mall… me and my aunt used to walked to Subang Parade when we were bored (eleh, macam tau je ‘boring’ tu ape, padahal mase tu masih zaman higunsan budak tadika…)

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