Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Public Health comes to an end Part I


Another department is completed. By means, I'm done with all the five major departments, from exhausting-but-amazing Medical to the stinky Obstetric and gynecology, followed by the awesome Surgery to the stressful Pediatric, and finally the most staggering Public Health.

Again, praise the Almighty Allah

Public Health is my favourite major department if I must say, mainly because it was not in RSSA. It feels so relief to take a break from RSSA for two months. Despite of having to travel on several angkut rides for almost an hour journey, working in the puskesmas is one of the best moments to treasure. I have gained so many new experiences while in the puskesmas, the experiences that I knew I wouldn't get it elsewhere but in Lawang.

The working environment is simply enjoyable with an overwhelming people to team up with. From the head of puskesmas, the pharmacists, the nurses, the admins, the ambulance driver, the security, the cleaning service, the bapak parkir, the ibu bakso and ibu kue, everyone has the courteous to offer that make me feel so much welcomed, and feel so comfortable to work with regardless the lack of facilities.
Chillin at the UGD. L-R, Zana, Ibu Dian, Roula and :)
I woke up the morning on my last day of working in Lawang heavy-heartedly. Thinking of my life back in RSSA is just devastating. While preparing my morning report in the room, I heard several knocks on the door, it was Ibu Dian. She brought us breakfast of her homemade nasi pecel! Ya Allah, baiknya manusia ni…
Ibu Dian's Nasi Pecel *thumbs up*
  "Kemaren ada yang bilang ke ibu kalo dia ngidem maam nasi pecel"

Oh no! I didn't say that!!! Last night during dinner at the world's best warung nasi lalapan penyet nearby our puskesmas (seriously that was the best lalapan I've ever had and I gonna miss the lalapan for real!), I told her that I've had nasi pecel the night before during oncall, and it was awesome. That's all! Didn't a bit that I mentioned about craving for one! Well, Ibu Dian is simply nice.
The best lalapan penyet I've ever had. My last dinner in Lawang
"Ibu masakin nasi pecel, biar kamu inget nanti pas udah pulang ke Malaysia"

Aww… ibu~ *terharu* do you have to make me miss you and Lawang and the foods? Nanti kang kalau I mengidam time pregnant, habis satu kerja plak nak kena cari nasi pecel! Ade ke nasi pecel best jual dkt Malaysia? Mesti tak sedap macam yang ibu masak!

I remembered one of those days during oncall, I was in the room watching Eat, Pray and Love with Roula where both of us were starving but too lazy to go out for lunch (dah tu tengok Julia Roberts melantak, lagi la memulas2 perut kelaparan… especially the Spaghetti Bolognese! I was all salivated). Then suddenly ibu Dian came, knocking on the door with a plastic bag of soto! It was weekend and she wasn't on duty, but she merely came to send us food!

"Ini ibu bikinin soto, katanya favorit!"

Have I ever said that?! I remember telling her that I like to eat soto and the Indonesian soto is different from Malaysian soto. That's all! Besides, my favorite Indonesian foods are tempe goreng and gado-gado. Conversely, Ibu Dian's soto is my favourite!

About the much salivated spaghetti Bolognese, I got the week after I came back to Malang. It was the nicest spaghetti ever only because I longed it for days, where I actually miss papa's spaghetti so much and I dreamt of having pasta in Italy.
The cause of watching Eat, Pray and Love. I had to wait for days til I came back to Malang for this.
More on food, I once went to eat at Bromo Pojok Mie Pangsit, a treat from Pak Eko. And we went there by an ambulance! I didn't know ambulance ride could be that much fun, hehe! Pak Eko is the pharmacist-come-ambulance-driver in our Puskesmas.

On that very day, we were on duty at the market (have I mentioned that we gotta standby in the ambulance like paramedics nearby the pasar besar on several days from Christmas til New Year?), then we had a call from the HQ demanding the ambulance in order to mobilized a patient to the RSSA. Since Pak Man (the original ambulance driver) wasn't around, so Pak Eko took the wheel, crazily. I mean, crazily! That was the ambulance ride which took my adrenaline to the level!
No wonder those two months in Puskesmas had put me on a few kilos heavier! Nothing to regret, it was fun either way~
The Dokter Muda with the Nursing students. L-R Wildan, Emi, Yam, Roula, Zana, Me. Back : Obet, Silvi.
Sekian untuk entry kali ini, Stay tuned for Part II


Anonymous said...

PH mantap!! Rindu nak balik sane :)

Bil said...

siapakah itu??
memang PH is the best!!!

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