Sunday, January 23, 2011

First attempt to cook chicken curry

This is going to be one effin proud entry.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, I am proud to present you… First ever, Bil's homemade chicken curry!

Curry is never my favourite dish, yet it is still tolerable. Besides, I am not a big fan of rice nor chicken either as I will always opt for noodles and fish. More over, I don't fancy spicy food, I rather choose light soupy ones. Then, why did I cook curry then?

First and foremost, it's Saturday. Non-working Saturday, no oncall nor exam either. Consequently, the possibility of stress is high as for Tuan Besar laptop is in comatose still (can only be used for listening to radio and itunes). Hence, I needed something to do that will keep me occupied – cooking it is! 
(sejak bila hobi masa lapang adalah memasak? Oh no! pre-quarter decade blues)

Still, not answering the question… why curry?

Perhaps, it's easy! Oh really? Nah, I didn't quite sure though since I've never tried. But my instinct said so! My housemates cook curry like gazillion times, seems like they can even cook curry with both eyes shut. Feasibly, curry is suitable for an amature masterchef like me *smile*

Second reason is probably because there are redundant of curry powders at home!!! Seriously! Damn these girls, they love to buy spices.
Lelong2, amma appa anne! kari kari!
Niat memasak dah ada, bahan2 memasak dah lengkap, Beras Basmathi pun ada. TIME je takde... bile nak masak? cakap skit!
Ladies and gentlemen, this is how my curry goes…

Firstly, the recipe
Rempah kari Adabi Zaf - my dad always remember my boyfriend's first job at Adabi, because Zuffy gave us lots of Adabi spices and other products last time
Then, the ingredients. Some deviation from Papa's original recipe as it needs a little creative touch from the chef (me!)
cooking like a pro
This is the best part, sautĂ©! This is where the aroma started to emerge and you know that you're doing good accordingly…
Hangit skit!
The final part before serving is waiting to be cooked!
My sisters said it's 'kari bawang'
Honestly, it tastes ok. Ok – as if tak malu la bagi orang rasa, tapi belum sesuai untuk bagi bakal ibu mertua rasa. Hehe. Chup! Jangan salah faham, saya belum ada rencana untuk mendirikan rumah tangga dalam masa terdekat.

I rate it as average *grin* I cook Italian cuisine better than this so famous Indian-come-Malay cooking. I, in some way fry tempe the best! Mungkin faktor keturunan juga memainkan peranan penting dalam memasak. Walaupun masa kecik2 kakak2 saya sering ejek saya 'anak kel***' tapi ternyata saya tidak berbakat berada dalam keturunan tersebut. Jawa? Yes perhaps!

And now, the second dish that compliment my chicken curry could have been stir-fry vege. But I couldn't find any recipe that contains bitter gourd together with carrots and French beans. Oh no, how now brown cow do I cook these?
Masak peria je, sayur lain simpan sebab dah malas nak duduk lama-lama dekat dapur
After some Googling job, I managed to find an easy measy recipe of fried bitter gourd (masak senang macam tu pun patut boleh fikir sendiri tak payah Google pon! Tapi kalau masak mengikut firasat sendiri dan tidak sedap, nanti takde sumber untuk disalahkan). For the record, I never had any home cooked bitter gourd. Back at home, mama don't cook us 'rare' vegetables (e.g lady's fingers, eggplants). That is why I didn't call mama for the recipe, but ask Mr.Google instead!
My newly fad
Other than that, my all time favourite – tempe goreng! Yang ni memang tak boleh miss lah kan? Together with ikan masin bulu ayam. Kelakar kan nama dia? Tapi cute, memang macam bulu ayam!

Last but not least, dessert! Cekodok pisang only comes after dinner due to exhaustion. Ish, memang I tak suka duduk dapur lama-lama... kecut tangan.

Okay, now I'm much satisfied to have known how to cook at least one decent edible dish before I turn 25 next week!

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