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Public Health comes to an end Part II

Before I started the Public Health (PH) Department, there wasn't a bit of excitement about it apart of getting to escape from the hospital for two months. In fact, few things came into my concern that scares me a little, such as

"Are they serious about letting me go to the people? Already? This early?"

"Am I really competent in doing all these doctors thingy?"

"What if I misdiagnosed?"

“What if the patient and I got into a miscommunication?”

"What if I prescribe wrong medicines? Wrong dosage?"

"What if I go blanked and don't know what to do?"

"What if I did something wrong and my patient died?"

"Can I survive the six weeks in the primary health center, with minimal facilities, with no experienced doctors to supervise me around during on-call?"

"Can I survive being 2-3 days away from home and into the rural?"

"How exhausted it'll be to travel 32km back and forth by angkut everyday?"

"How much money will I spend for the transportations and the community services?"

The 'what ifs' are so killing me. I kept praying that everything will go smoothly and easy for me. I prayed real hard!
The upgraded Puskesmas Lawang, which now is RSUD Lawang
Then I remembered The Secret that Linnet borrowed me. I've heard great stories about it. Being a non-fiction reader, I love motivation books. Half way through reading it, confidence slowly creeping through my nerve. I was never this ready for something but PH. Notwithstanding the knowledge, I am more mentally motivated and ready!
The beautiful scenery I see every morning in Lawang
This is where we were 'warded' for 6 weeks
The first two weeks of PH were fully spent by having lectures at the campus. We were made to understand deeper about the importance of primary health care, about preventions and community services. I like this part of PH, but least on the epidemiology, statistics, data analysis and anything that has to do with calculations.
During the visit to Posyandu (Pos Pelayanan Terpadu)
At Pasar Besar Lawang, buying supposed-to-be cheap fresh fruits!
On the third week, we started our service in the Community Health Center or what known as puskesmas (a.k.a Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat). We were divided into groups of 5, to 7 different puskesmas around Malang. I am very thankful to be teamed up with 4 others whom I am most comfortable with and whom I believe can make the best teamwork with.

We went to the puskesmas 2 days earlier before we started to report ourselves to the head of puskesmas Dr. Lidya. Though she looked kind of fierce physically, but as the ice breaks, she is affluent and very welcoming. As Dr.Anton the surgeon was around, them both gave us briefing on our duty, words of motivation and a very warm welcome. One of Dr.Anton's line that encourage me the most would have been,

“It is time to brush up your skills, practice your competencies, and gain more knowledge.”
The Kepala Puskesmas Lawang, dr.Lidya
Besides, I learn more on socializing, among the people of whom I never thought I’ll encounter with, the very poor, the poverty, the poor people who I mainly think is fabricated from the very cruel authority of their abominable government. They indirectly burn the fuel to my spur to become more dedicated in doing this thing I am raptly directed to, to become a doctor not only by the knowledge of a mountain high but by the pious in the heart. The lesson none of the supervisors can give examples on.
My group mates with the nursing interns
With part of the big family of RSUD Lawang and our supervisor
I also learn on team working of multidisciplinary which I once scorned at due to a bad communication with the super bossy nurses at the hospital. Most nurses (especially the old-dark red lipsticks-seniors) in this hospital where I work at are abhorrent to me, yeah, super bossy and lack of respects to the interns, residents and even to the patients. In puskesmas, the nurses are angelic *letak halo atas kepala diaorg dengan sepasang sayap putih berbulu pelepah*. They make us priority in making decision, they kindly corrected our mistakes and consult us on cases under our competencies.

What more, the GPs, the dentists, the pharmacies, the midwives, the administrators, the ambulance drivers, the janitors, the nursing students and even the ibu bakso are chummy together and they are like one big family! I really love to work in this environment where everyone greets everyone else with the most sincere smile. They put the sunshine up for me every morning.

As it is called Public Health, we are more bounded to the public composition to give health education in order to prevent diseases rather than staying in the puskesmas and give treatment to diseases. We are assigned to many different public health missions throughout. Visiting the people is one of my favourites.
On one of our school visit, we examined on 142 students! Phew~
During one of our UKS (Upaya Kesehatan Sekolah) program
But... we were always served with all sorts of snacks
Even indomie goreng!! Yummmy!
There are so much more experiences I would like to keep down into words, but I guess no matter how long I write, is never as much as I have to keep in this best memory box of mine.
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