Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mf la pulv dtd no.X

Day 4 at the Puskesmas is still giving me the 'honeymoon mood', despite the rumors saying that my puskesmas is the busiest of all, but so far I'm good – at least it's not as busy as our general hospital, pergh! Hitherto I've got good sleep. Even last night during my on call, everything went smooth (Alhamdulillah!). From the seizure patient, to the acute gastritis, to the suspect of SOP (space occupying process, e.g: brain tumor), everyone had at least a safe and sound night to rest to.

For the last 2 days, I was attending the pediatric clinic. If I had to describe it in one word, I'd say 'Cute'. Notwithstanding the goosebumps I got everytime a patient walked into the office, I kept my prayers recited over and over

"Ya Allah, please please make this easy for me"

"Please, demam je lah… batuk or selsema je lah… please don't tell me any sakit2 yang pelik2"

Thus, the most confusing case I've got that needed me to consult the GP was 'Phimosis' where neither of my differential diagnoses had stated it. Ish! Tu pun taktau ke?! It's ok, first time handle case without supervision, ok lah kan if I thought it was urethritis or rupture of posterior urethra?
Juling mata nak mencari ubat...
Today, I started my pharmacy posting in the puskesmas. Since it is a puskesmas (community health center), the pharmacy doesn't prepare a complete list of drugs like those hospitals have. Therefore it is a challenge for us in prescribing patients with uncommon drugs, as some preferred drugs might not be prepared for free whilst the community there is economically-challenged.

A day in helping the pharmacists preparing drugs has brought me to the idea of how selfish most doctors are. Burok giler kot tulisan korang! I couldn't even read 'Paracetamol', like what symbols on earth did you guys wrote??!! Is that wormy even looked like the letter 'P'? Even Najat's writing is one millionth times better than those 'drugs prescribers' (kena guna istilah 'drug prescribers' sebab malu nak mengaku 'doctor' dgn tulisan mcm orang tak reti pegang pen).

So so so… enough of tangling my brain's fold, I chose to do the pulverization. Duduk diam2 sambil tumbuk2 ubat pakai lesung. Before I studied pharmacology during the 5th semester, I never knew there was such thing as pulverized preparation of drugs. It is particularly prepared for children whom are not (yet) trained to swallow pills/tablets/capsules, so we put 2 or more different pills and clout them together into powder like, and divided into several amount. I think it is funny, and worse, deteriorating the affectivity and efficacy process of the drugs. As far as I remember, I only had medicine in syrup preparation when I was a kid or papa himself would pulverized the pills by himself so I could swallow. Thank you papa! *love love*
Masuk ubat ubat dalam lesung
Tumbuk2 sampai hancur
Finally, divide and bungkus!

Nevertheless, I love helping around the pharmacy particularly because of the friendly pharmacists. Wait, everyone in the puskesmas are mostly friendly, especially the nurses. They have somewhat revived my judgment on nurses, not all nurses are a55hol3 like, some can be really smart, helpful, friendly and nice, just like those in my puskesmas *peace*. They are so nice that they've always bring foods and snacks to share together that make me pig myself out and gobble up, yes, a guilty pleasure!

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