Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Donat gula

This morning I woke up by a soft kiss of the tender morning sun that seeks through the translucent curtains over my windows. 5:50am, ah, lovely. It's holiday, and I got 24 hours for myself today. No work, no call, no patient, no exams, no datelines *deep breath and smile*.

Alhamdulillah, praise God for this exquisite feeling of sovereignty.

I indulged deeper into my blanket with my eyes refuse to close, I knew I wouldn't want to just waste this 24-hour for nothing. I grabbed my life (phone) safely tucked in my palm and begun to text Zuffy and then I checked out the daily news (which is Twitter). Zuffy called, my heart starts pumping, a smile is carved on my face, I got my essence of life, sun shines brighter, and then I started to jump out of bed, bouncing! Happily!

Good morning and Happy new year 1432 Hijrah everyone!

I haven't had any decent meal since the day before, I must have been starving but I wasn't really that hungry, I just craved for some sugary donuts instead. If only I know how to make big fluffy donuts and have the ingredients before me, I'd make holy amount of donuts and stuffed myself like how Doraemon stuffed his on dorayaki. I must get that donat gula that I imagined! So I went out to the pasar to help myself looking for that very particular donat gula or something virtually almost like one in my imagination.
These cuties are for my tummy. However the donat gula is nothing close to the one in my imagination. Still, it's a donat gula, I can't afford to put so much hope to my dream when it comes to food.
More than five years in this first estranged place, my tummy has been through a lot of frustration and longing for some particular foods which are nowhere to be found around here, it has been trained to accept foods which are not similar to my imagination. It is now a more grown up tummy, it has learnt about acceptance and tolerance, it is now a matured tummy that I think I have to start calling it 'stomach' instead.
Sunbathing babies~
After breakfast, I started my habitual holiday room cleaning session. It feels so good to at least start my morning to be a productive one. I put my sleeping gears for sunbathing for a few hours. From the mattress to those tiny babies I sleep with. Everyone has to go for sunbathing! No excuse!*muka garang*. While they're out grilling under the scorching sun, I chase out the dust bunnies that has been hanging around on my furniture for some times.

Then it was almost lunch time. My housemates decided to eat out. We actually eat out everyday, for every meal, it's just today we decided to find something nicer, in other word a little more expensive and exquisite foods to enjoy together.
We can do better than these! Percayalah!
Yes, it has been ages since we prepare respectable meals in the house. It has been ages since you can find fresh poultry and vegetables in our refrigerator. But hang in there! don't get us wrong. It's not that we didn't want to cook, it's just that time is not allowing, you see… we're students whom are prepared to become carrier women. If we could turn back time, we would desperately want to become housewivesWe are not anak dara pemalas or anak dara yang tak reti masak. Says who?!! *muka serious anak dara ayu*

If you're looking for anak dara to make your isteri, or attentions makcik pakcik if you're looking for calon isteri for your anak bujang (yes, we only accept bujangs, no duda, no suami orang, boyfriend/tuning/bekas orang also we tak hingin), we will still show you our CVs which we proudly state that 'saya pandai memasak', betul tak tipu! So, stop labeling anak dara orang as pemalas or tak reti masak before you try us!

Masak apa? Itu rahsia rumah tangga kami!

Oh before that I have to add this, out of the six anak dara in my house, one is engaged, three is happily in a relationship (including me), and two are still available and looking for someone suitable. Saja bagitau, takde makne nya!

Okay, I think I'm done blogging.

Actually, no. Initially, I wanted to share about something important I've learn today from my Guru Zhafri *love love*. I promised him to take a very deep note about the lesson and that is why I wanted to blog about it. But it's okay, maybe next time! Apa yang penting? Kerjasama~ wonderpet wonderpet kami datang!

Note to myself : Love change. It grows, it doesn't always have to show. Just open up my heart and try to feel it from deep inside. It's there, don't worry!

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