Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hey community!

I'm taking this few minutes to drop by a few words, particularly of how I feel right now, before I proceed to my next department.
Next department (which has already started since the last two weeks) is Public Health or in short known as PH.

For the past 2 weeks, I've been at the campus, attending Public Health lecture (again! We've actually had PH lectures for three semesters), but this time we were emphasized on motivation to serve the community and reminded us (again) the importance of community service is. It works! As I've always love to do – community services, health promotions and prevention of diseases, but least on the analysis, data collecting and statistical.

Tomorrow onwards for the coming six weeks, I'll be leaving the hospital for the Puskesmas (a.k.a Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat), precisely in Lawang, an hour drive from home. There will be five of us interns (Dokter Muda) where four are girls and a guy.

Puskesmas Lawang – was the most talked about Puskesmas out of the seven. And what they talked about Lawang are mostly the awful stories, their dire and all the harsh harsh. They said, it's the busiest puskesmas compared to the other seven. They said it's upgrading the standard from a community health center to a hospital. They said it can have up to one hundred patients in a day. They said most of the cases are severe and referral rate can be up three cases in one night, in which mean, we have to back and forth mobilizing severe cases patients to our referral center (our teaching hospital) by ambulance.

Well well well… those are just what they said. What's important now is just for me to be prepared, mentally and physically to face all those glitches and hitches, and pray hard for everything to turn out well, relishing and most importantly sanctifying – aminnn!

Right now however, I'm feeling so much unenthusiastic, or shall I honestly say 'very reluctant'. Thinking that there will be no wifi connection around the place, I have to travel every morning as early as 6am by angkut on an hour journey, spending so much on transportation, wasting so much time on the road... *sigh*
Okay Bil, think positive!

Think positive!
Be optimistic!

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gunsirit said...

Yes! go go go! You can do it!

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