Friday, December 17, 2010


What I did yesterday was something beyond the most disgusting thing I've ever did in my entire school years.

For the past year I've had done numerous of unwholesome jobs where most non-medical people might find them nasty enough. Such as rectal touch̩ Рwhere I had to insert my index finger into (mostly) men's anuses to get feel of their prostates, sometimes to get my finger shitted in order to check on patients' feces, vagina touch̩ Рwhere I had to insert both my index and middle fingers into women's vaginas to get feel of (mostly) the presentation of their babies, I've even had my whole hand into a woman womb through her vagina to pull out her placenta and got malodorous blood all over, and I've helped around with the foulest, filthiest gangrene wound. Yet, none is revolting enough to erect these hairs on my hairy skin as what I did yesterday.

As I am now in the Public Health department and operating at the suburbs in the community health center (or what we called 'Puskesmas'), we are supposed to do home visits, school visits and as such. Yesterday was my first school visit. I went only with Dr.Iza the dentist, mainly to do health screening (e.g : hygiene, vision, hearing) on the primary school pupils.
Screening is totally a fun yet exhausting work, especially on little rascals. The catch of it is, we are (with our competency) expected to help those in need, such as extorting those loose teeth (this was Dr.Iza's job), and… extracting cerumen a.k.a earwax – and this was obviously my job! OH MY GOD!
The standard one class, with the gorgeous doctor *wink*, their principle and class teacher!
Let me describe it in 2 letters and an exclamation mark – E.U!

Eeewwh~ I seriously felt goosebumps all over me whenever I had to peep inside their ears. Some kids really have bad bad bad nasty earwax obstructing their ear canals. Yellowish, brownish, slimy, some are as hard, small and sandy, some are as big as pebbles, Eeeeuu!!! It really gives the nasty horrid feelings and it kills me slowly inside. I hate this job!!! Sebenarnya, saya geliiiii korek telinga kamu semua! *muka kena control, be professional*
Yang pakai white coat tu tibe2 terasa femes mcm Kim Kardashian sbb menjadi rebutan and request utk bergambar bersama. huuukk*
I couldn't think of anything else that would sicken me better everytime I had to pull out their ooie gooie waxes, but to repeatedly saying to myself

"Oh Allah, please make me strong, please make this nasty job worth for the kids. May they listen better and class and excel in their studies"

*tarik nafas panjang*
(yes it is still nauseating me everytime I had to re-call it)

Dear parents,
If your kids aren't doing well in school, don't blame on them or anyone else, don't need to rush them for extra tuition classes. Well, check what is there in their ears, and if they can see clearly.

For now, with high possibility, I can assure you that I will not (by any circumstances) pursue to become an ENT specialist.

Dear papa,
Thank you for always checking out our ears and pull out our earwaxes (though we might hysterically scream and someone had to help you in holding us still), in order for us to hear clearly and listen better to our teachers (though mama likes to assume us having 'sound trouble' whenever we didn't response to her call). Now I know how horribly disgusting the job is. Nak termuntah tau! Dah hijau2 muka tahan geli… E.U!

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