Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quarter of a century

(updated on 15th Feb 2011)

I'm growing a quarter century by now. Thinking of it, makes me feel aged.

Although age is just a number, little did I realized that this life has taken its toll on my ‘stage of life’, so much! This life I've been living for the past 6 years have aged me so much! By mean, I’m growing more matured, hence starting to justify something somewhat a level higher than my previous rationale.

I am twenty-five, already!
*gosok2 mata*

This is it, the age of where I long aimed for – I pinned this year a turning point for what I have long dreamt of is to be turned into reality.

InsyaAllah, anywhere in between these 365 days I’ll change my name add in some extra letters before my name. Tolong yer, bukan menukar nama, tapi menambah sedikit huruf ke dalam nama asal, tapi bukan ‘Mrs.’. Bukan itu, belum.

This is my second birthday to celebrate away from home, first birthday to celebrate away from Zhaf, and possibly the last birthday I’m celebrating while still holding a student-visa. In spite of that, I feel so much blessed, revived and more enthusiastic than ever!
L-R : Frente, Kim, me, Sit, Christina, Zana, Ima
First advanced birthday celebration together with January-born girlfriends/housemates. Supposedly, we had a picnic at the Alun-alun, but it was raining, so we rerouted to Frente’s backyard (since we don’t have garden in our house). The party was in modesty and full of happiness. Thanks to Zana and Ima who prepared the nasi lemak and the others who had fully geared for an outdoor picnic. It was awesome! Happy Birthday girls!
Our Mocha cake that makes us caffeinated
The Januarians!
Then, birthday dinner on the 31st January with best friend Frente and her friend, Robert. It was a blast, thank you for making me feel so young!
My opera cake from Frente
We never have posed on camera like normal people do
During my very short-weekend-break, I flew back home not to missed my belated-most-anticipated birthday celebration with my man, arranged by our best friend Yan and family. Though it was an impromptu, but it was simply sweet and meaningful. I feel so blessed, so loved and so lucky! Thank you everyone!
One tips for couples who are on a long-distance relationship : Always celebrate your birthday together, be it on advanced, belated, over the phone, or arrange a little celebration for him/her with his/her friends/family even without you around.
This is Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence. Thanks Yan and Nurul! 
Last but not least, Happy Birthday Bil!

25 – bring it on, life!

*ada 3 birthday cakes this year... selamat bekerja keras untuk menguruskan badan!

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