Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lover Boys

Ok Sambung cerita,

Semalam lupa nak cerita pasal ice-cream yang paling susah nak cari dekat Indonesia (ingat entry ni The Cost to Breathe?).
Nah, berlambak! hambikkkk kau!
During shopping for Adam’s stuff (because we chiefly make ‘shopping for Adam’s stuff’ as our reason for Sisters’ Day Out, not to make any of us feel guilty for leaving the cute drooling baby boy at home) at Toys R’ Us, I accidentally stumble upon Wall’s ice box which is fully filled with that-so-called-ice-cream! What an odd prompt?!!

Pernah ke korang pergi Toys R’ Us (dipendekkan jadi ‘TRU’ – penat nak type panjang2) and ‘ter’tengok ice-cream box?
Siapa pergi TRU untuk beli ice-cream?
Kita selalu beli ice-cream dkt 7-11 or kedai2 runcit je kan? Pegi TRU untuk beli toys lah kan, atau party stuffs, atau imported candies.
Apa kejadahnya orang tua ni beli ice-cream dkt TRU?
Orang yang dah ‘dewasa’ patutnya tau kenapa ada ice-cream dkt TRU tu… ini semua muslihat! Muslihat management TRU supaya bila budak2 nampak ice-cream, mesti diaorg melalak2 nak beli sampailah terguling-guling atas lantai dan terpaksalah parents dorg beli jugak untuk menjaga air muka.
Bertuah punya budak! Perangai tak senonoh! Kira baik jugak lah parents korang bawak pegi beli toys dkt TRU, ni nak beli ice-cream plak!

Wait! dah lost track of story plak. So, the conclusion is, saya beli ice-cream tu! Dan belanja adik-adik saya juga! *terima kasih, saya memang seorang kakak yang baik*
2 from left, mereka memang adik saya, yang paling kanan pula adalah mak budak!
Then what’s for Adam?

He got a looottttt of bibs! Hmm… bib banyak buat apa kalau Adam tak kuat makan? Hah?! Hopefully with his new cutlery set, new bowl, and lotsa cute bibs, Adam will have new appetite to chomp on more healthy foods! Nom nom nom nommmmm!

Adam is turning to one year old in few months, and Zhaf thinks he should learn how to drivethough he can’t even walk yet! And Adam (ibu’s) was hinting for a car. Ok lah, kita pun kan jarang belikan Adam apa-apa, so Zhaf agreed to get him a car. All over the mall (from Midvalley to The Gardens – bunyi mcm jauh je, tapi padahal dkt Gardens tak jumpe satu pun!) we went to look for a suitable ride for him. Most cars seem too big for my cute little nephew, and we were about to just get the big one (cause he will soon grow to fit on it right?), when suddenly… *jeng jeng jeng* eh, cute! Ada pun kereta yang kecik sikit (dengan harga pun lebih kecik jugak). Rezeki Adam dapat kereta hari tu! *tepuk tangan!*

Nanti Adam dah work, belikan Aunty Bil bende ni k?? okay? pinky promise!
Sempatlah kita dating sekejap...

Adam datang!!! Eh, apa ni budak kecik kacau orang tengah dating! Tak surprise lah camni! Bukan setakat Adam je, ibu dan abah Adam juga ada. Mestilah kan, tak mungkin Adam boleh datang sendiri kalau bukan ibu dan abah dia yang bawak. Bukan setakat Adam, ibu atau abah, malah Maklong dan Poklong Adam juga datang! Errrr…

Sisters <3
Dkt Krispy Kreme MV ada waiter2 handsome lah! Sporting plak tu bila kita nak ambik gambar dorg...!
Lover Boys
Ok fine! Dating terganggu, tapi fine! One big family meet up in Mid Valley. Hence, we had dinner together *smile*

Supposedly, I was still full of Papa’s So Famous and Scrumptious Hainanese Chicken Rice, mana tak kenyang, I lost count of how many times I tambah! I swear no nasi ayam chef can beat papa’s! Sedap yang melampau, macam papa letak ganja kot… I pernah mengidam sampai termimpi2 and terbau2 *sedeyhnyaa* (read : Nasi Ayam)

But since everyone was already waiting at Tony Romas for dinner, then why not? Besides, I really wanted to try how the Wagyu beef tastes like. Kata orang, daging paling sedap di dunia, kebetulan pulak Pak Tony baru pandai masak Wagyu, and ada buat promotion hebat of set of Wagyu ribeye at less than RM100 (which is 10 sen less than RM100 actually). But it’s okay, worth the try. Next time nak makan Wagyu lagi kena fikir 2-3 kali. Terima kasih kepada kekasih hati yang belanja makan.
Mula-mula macam kenyang, tapi tengok dia yang makan macam Man Vs. Food
My wish to eat the best ribeye in the whole wide world *please ignore the crazy woman at the back*
Tony Roma's Wagyu Ribeye
Pernah tak pergi TR tapi tak order benda sedap ni? TAK
Human great invention over God's creation
Romas Rack for the men
Abang Dd bukan tunjuk peace, and Along pon bukan tunjuk Hi-five..
While we were scoffing on our foods, this little fella dozed off.
In Mid Valley, we met Umi! Umi dropped by the entrance just to passed me my birthday present which came all the way from UK, from my beloved cousin, Soraya. Thank you Aya!! I love you Aya! The handbag looks stunning and I’m still finding a perfect occasion for it.
After dinner, we went to Angah’s house. Adam got a car!! Vroom vroom! He is yet to take driving course to legalize for driver’s license which only permitted for road tax to drive around his house. Albeit, he has to learn how to stand still on his own, and walk on both his feet first. You can do it boy!
Uncle Zhaf please hurry, Adam dah tak sabar nak drive ni...
On your mark, get set... Vroooom!
Thank you Uncle Zhaf! Sambil belajar driving, Adam belajar shapes and colors jugak!
Why you so comel? so geramable? I am so gonna kiss you and eat you and chew you! *cara buat Adam mengamuk*
Besides the car, my sweet boyfriend has actually gotten him another toy which he has kept for quite a few months while waiting for the time to meet Adam. But since he was too busy with his study, and he and Angah couldn’t find a time to meet, the gift got ‘pickled’ til I went home last week. At least they both have to make time for me right?!

It was quite late at night by then… alarm pun berbunyi…

“Ude dekat mana? Cepatla balik!”

Si Cinderell-Ude ni pun balik lah rumah, sebab ibu bapa dan adik-adik merindukan Si Cinderell-Ude.
Malam itu, kami bermanja-manja di rumah sehingga keesokan harinya sebelum Si Ude terpaksa berangkat meninggalkan keluarga dan kampong halaman untuk meneruskan perjuangan yang belum selesai selesai ni…
Takper, jap lagi selesai lah~ *pray hard!*
Lover Man of all time!
While I was waiting for my flight, Angah WhatApp me and sent me this. Adam wave and say "bye bye Aunty Bil"
Pastu sedih, rasa macam nak patah balik rumah. Tapi papa mesti dah takde dkt luar... So, terpaksalah tunggu Pakcik Pilot datang. Next destination - Surabaya!

Bubbye Adam!

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