Sunday, February 20, 2011

Girlfriends' visit Part II - Safari and Zoo

Good morning Sunday!

I’m getting ready to bring the girls out for another crude day of shopping in Malang. We’re planning to go to the Pasar Wisata Malang or locally known as Pasar Minggu, which only held in Sunday morning. Then, I’m planning to bring them to Pasar Besar in Alun-alun, since Farah and Yang are looking for fabrics.

The girls got really excited about spending their last day here for shopping, and we planned to be there by 6 a.m (apart of making a date with Reggy at 6 a.m sharp in front of the library).

It’s already 6 a.m, none of the girls are not awake yet. Lol! Hangat2 taik ayam je. Oh now, Khairun just asked me to sms Reggy and told him that we are running a little bit late. I guess, we’re way ahead of being late since none of us bathe yet.  We are all drained out of yesterday’s exhaustion.

Yesterday was a full day of fun that ended up me getting damn exhausted. I started very early in the morning since I couldn’t get back to sleep after Subuh. Then I brought Farah to Pasar Klojen (when Khairun and Yang were still tuck in their blankets) which is stated few meters away behind my house. We got some breakfast. They love the bubur ayam! Farah got 4 bottles of kecap manis too as she already had that stated in her shopping list. Yeah, I must admit that the soy sauce here tastes a little bit better than those we can get in Malaysia. It’s thicker and more tasty, but I’m not a really big fan of kicap though.

Our driver came 1 hour late than scheduled that started to get me slightly irritable.

“Kok telat mas?”

“Maaf mbak, mampir cuci mobil sebentar tadi” dengan muka senyum2 kambing.

*eye rolling* penting banget sih ya nyuci mobil pas kita lagi buru-buru mau ke Safari?

It took one hour drive down the Taman Safari Indonesia II
We stopped by some stalls to get 'buah tangan' for the 'kids'
Map - checked, video - checked, cameras - checked!
Feeding time baby~
When the Zebras got a little bit naughty, the girls got the shocked of their life!
Muka-muka sedih mintak makan.. aloloo
Pak Arab got high after being kissed
Khairun, Farah and Yang
Geli, tapi nak pegang jugak..
The camel ride
Get close and personal
It was my third time though, still excited nevertheless! The animals got friendlier, that I could actually have the guts to touch them. Khairun even kissed some. Let the pictures speak…

Back from the Safari, we straight for luncheon at Rumah Makan Kertanegara. I’ve always known this place for their awesome Tom Yam and keuw tiow capjay. But yesterday, besides the scrumptious tomyam, we also had bebek penyet, udang bakar and stir-fry broccoli.
Frente and Farah
Kata pegi zoo, tapi tak banyak ambik gambar binatang, tapi ni pon okay kan?
Helppppp! *even the king kong looks disgusted*
Right after lunch, Frente came and pick us up from my house and brought us to Batu. Since it was already quite late in the evening, we couldn’t get to the famous Argowisata Apple Farm. So we went to Batu Secret Zoo instead! Yes, it was indeed my third time to the zoo within the past 2 months.
Exhausted faces, could hardly wait for our foooooods
Half of the menu for dinner
Bersantai lepas melahap
We then had dinner at Pondok Desa. The stunning concept restaurant by the hill side, where there are lanterns at night and the village ambiance surrounding the dining halls. There are also fishing ponds nearby that we can fish and have them freshly cooked right there. Since the first time Frente brought me here last year, we’ve been planning to go fishing, but to no avail. Okay, someday we will. I’m planning to go here with Zhaf too on his next visit.

Thanks to Khairun, Yang and Farah for the nice treat!

Then, we got back home. Belum sampai rumah, I dah tertidur dalam kereta. But the girls had quite a conversation with Frente.

Alright, the girls are all geared up for pasar. I’ve got to get ready now!

So sad that they are going back this evening *crying out loud!*


Mr Lonely said...

nice blog... keep it up~~~ take care~~~ XD

Nukilan Orang Buta Hati said...

wow..the place kinda cool. try to get ther on my next trip to ina

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