Friday, March 11, 2011


It was my Urology Surgery repeating week! I had quite a bad fever the week before, and my period was delayed.

Attention! Urology Surgery is the scariest department in the whole of RSSA! Autopsy lab in forensic pon kalah. Bukan scary sebab hantu ke iblis, tapi supervisors dan segala2nya, termasuklah secretarynya juga menakutkan (boooo mbak Siwi booo!!)

As soon as I was done with the final assessment, Frente brought me a little piece of chocolate from Jakarta, it was the most expensive chocolate I’ve ever had. Yummyyh~

Talking about my Urology final assessment, I got a case of a 40 year old man with urethral strictures. As usual, the physical examination was a bit troublesome. Apparently, I had to feel the penis of my patient with three of my first fingers of both hands, in order to find the strictures along the urethral. It need no effort to make the penis go erect, it was as easy as filling in catheter tube. The problem was, when I was feeling (or more like pressing in a massage motion) my patient’s object, he was laughing all the way.

“Pak, tolong diam sebentar ya”

I said as I was profusely sweating with Dr.Penta on my side.

“Yo opo mas guyu2 thok! Diem no opo…”

Kan dan kena marah dengan isteri! Padan muka!

So, that was it, Alhamdulillah, I could feel few areas of strictures which turn out to be exactly the places shown in the urethography.

Now that I’ve passed my urology surgery. Praise to the Almighty Allah.

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