Saturday, February 19, 2011

Girlfriends' Visit Part I - Coffee for the pillow talk

Kiss the sunshine!

My girlfriends are here! Oh lupa, I supposed to sms my parents updating them since they’ve been asking if my friends have arrived.

For the first time after almost 10 years, the sleepover is invigorated! Here we are, sleeping in the same room again. It was good to have had the pillow talk after a long hiatus from the warmth of girlish kinda school days. Though it wasn’t the same as how we used to have during school days, since everyone was so damn exhausted that we fell asleep not long after the talk, but I’m glad that we still managed to keep the warmth and comfort in between us.

Khairun, Yang and Farah arrived Malang yesterday evening before Maghrib. They ran late from Surabaya due to heavy shopping. After Maghrib, I brought them to Rumah Makan Inggil, the museum concept restaurant. Their first stop of Malang cultural visit indeed.
Macam familiar je pose ni kan? Actually Pak Akbar (the well-known waiter) yang suruh pose macam ni, ever since! I have the exact same picture with my housemates
Hello hello
We got the 'Topi Perjuangan Indonesia' at the souvenir shop outside the restaurant, pastu terus berangan and ambik gambar.
Part of our dishes.. see got lele!
How to threesome on a scooter?
We wanted to go for karaoke later after dinner, but I thought of just hanging out for a coffee so we could have some talk instead of singing our heart out the whole night. We can do karaoke back at home right? So, off we walked to my favourite coffee place, Java Dancer.

We walked our way home that chilly night, hand-in-hand and even hugging. Aww, I miss having friends who do hugs. Nowadays, it might be a little odd to do that with our new friends that we met at a mature age. I’m grateful these girlfriends I have still bring out the childhood in us no matter how old we have all grown…

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WNRD said...

Thought I'm the only one feeling that way. I can't seem to really hug and kiss my friends here in Sydney... not the way I'd hug and kiss my friends in Subang and Shah Alam.

Btw, I might just go to a Padang restaurant today... I blame your 'food photos'... T____T

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