Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday to cherish

Today is a bless~

This morning, I woke up with the best feeling to wake up to – the feeling of necessity to run to the toilet a.k.a nak terberak.

Honestly, I don't usually get that feeling, people around me think I'm constipated, I think I'm having GIT problem, mama was once worried too that she brought me to Dr.Choo for check-up, and thoroughly after a few history taking, he said I'm fine, it's just my pattern… I envy those who berak every morning and those who do after meals. Jealouslah, korang bangun pagi2 'business' dah laku! (ok, cukuplah bercerita tentang berak)

What's more uplifting was I waked up on a nice spring bed and airconditioned room – I slept over at Frente's. Actually I felt so reluctant to get up and get ready, but since we've planned to go for swimming, and apparently already an hour late, I jumped off the bed, get into my swimming suit and drove off to the club house. There, we met… guess who? Our interne specialist, our supervisor from the hospital (nama adalah dirahsiakan)! Ouch, malu kot sebab my swimming suit walaupun tak macam Victoria Secret's swimwear, tapi 2 pieces yang menyerlahkan perut-tak-belum-sexy-ku. But, since the supervisor was so engrossedly swimming back and forth for only-God-knows-how-many-laps, so we reckon that he might not recognize us. I am positive that he would not recognize me either way, not as much as he would recognize his interne resident (Frente)!!
Swimming on Sunday
 The swimming pool was super chilling! Berli got out of the pool with cyanosis although we already bought her hot milo to keep her warm. Since the water was chilling, I wasn't so sure about swimming that much since I easily got cramps when its cold, so we decided to just sit in the pool cafe sipping on nice hot cup of tea. Subsequently, swimming left me feeling so hungry that I would swallow a Godzilla!
Sego duro : nasi with paru goreng, daging dengdeng, empal daging, nangka masak lemak, kelapa goreng, tempe i-forgot-the-name, and taugeh.
We had 'brunch' at Depot Buk Matirah at the train station. Wanted to come here since few months back, but we never had the time to since it is only operating til noon. The sego duro was awesome! Frente knew this place from the TV show, macam Jalan-jalan Cari Makan, tapi ni version indon. Tapi kita memang suka jalan-jalan cari makan pun, kalau boleh setiap kali makan luar, kita akan try makan tempat lain2. Pastu kalau sedap, kita boleh pergi lagi, kalau tak sedap memang petuuuuih!

Sego = nasi, duro = Madura, speciously means my lunch was Madura cuisine. That was my second time having sego duro though, and the first one didn't taste much different though. Wait, I think I probably have tried sego duro very long time ago during my stay with my foster parents, since my foster mother was Madura origin and she liked to cook me so many unique foods as she wanted me to try as many types of Indonesian food as possible. Hah, memang patut la lepas tu masa first year je I naik berat 10kg! Waargh stress sebab sampai sekarang belum dapat kembali ke berat asal 6 tahun yang lalu!

Lunch done, stomach is fully filled with happiness *smile*. With that wide smile, we drove up to Istana Dieng, checking out Atlas Fitness Center. As I have just mentioned, I have gained 10kgs and still have a few to shred to get back to my normal weight, therefore I need to work it out! Work it out babe!!! Kan nak perut macam VS models kan?? And since Frente said she wanted to do hiphop, so we opt to enroll with Atlas, because my current fitness center doesn't have hiphop class, and besides Atlas seems to be the most well equipped gym in Malang. Sedih, kita takde Celebrity Fitness nor Fitness First dekat sini… *nangis tersedu2*
I went with Nadine to Atlas last year. We dipped in the whirlpool for almost 5 hours, gossiping ^_^
At Atlas with Dayah, this was 4 years back
Oops, dah terlalu malam untuk menulis lebih lanjut. Padahal cerita hari ini masih terlalu panjang… to be continued okay?

Besok masuk department baru (ENT = Ear Nose Throat), ada pre-test at 6am. Betul SIX a.m! okay sudah, haruslah tidur sekarang. Good night!


gunsirit said...

Nice pics...the food look tempting..:))

Bil said...

yes, the nasi madura is nice!

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