Saturday, October 30, 2010

The precious 36 hours

Around this time last week, I was at my utmost glee of the highest dose of ecstasy – I was home (finally after 390 days).

Although I only spent approximately 36 hours to breathe the darling air of Malaysia, I am so thankful to be blessed with a chance to escape from here, from the nerve-racking life of a doctor-in-the-making, working in wretched. It was the most pleasing 36 hours following the 9360 dreadful ones.

That Friday afternoon, amid the hefty feeling of leaving the ophthalmology department (I ought to blog about the wonderful one month later), I hurried back home to start packing and dash to the airport. I finally got the jumpy feeling that has long been abandoned

"I'm going home" as I thought to myself.

Disembarking Malaysia right on time. As usual, I had quite a long chat with papa as he drove along the way home. Right after I reached home, I jumped on the bed where mama was still awake, reading – I had been waiting for that moment to hug and kiss her. Still snugging myself in her bed, we had a long chat about my never-ending-story.

Home sweet home…

my house itself is never failed to surprise me – especially the Unify 5Mbps internet speed! Ya Allah, memang I jadi jakun macam katak keluar dari bawah tempurung sekejap. LAJUUU babe! Tengok video takdenye nak buffering2, takyah nak tunggu2 terus siap, nak kelip mata sekejap pon tak sempat. Agaknya kalau tambah lagi skit speed internet tu memang kena surfing sambil pakai helmet. The gist took me hours til I finally got off my bed (as I was surfing the internet from my iPhone and lying on the bed) to bathe and get ready to sleep. To almost dawn, after a reviving hot shower, in an air-conditioned room, contentedly tuck my head on double goose-feathers pillows, and neatly wrapped my wear off body in a comforter beside my drooling sister Nawal, I bid good night to my lucky self.

The morning I woke up early, so I could catch more time to spend with my love ones. I got a little confused of what to wear that morning since I parted with my wardrobe for more than a year already. I picked up a long sleeveless rainbow-combination dress – where the hell did this dress came from?

"tu Along punya, dia bagi sebab dia dah tanak" said mama.

Okay, pakai baju ni! Then I followed mama and papa to Carrefour for some groceries. Holy brilliant! Standing ovation applause to the Carrefour management for their effort to save the environment, they don't provide plastic bags, instead used cardboard boxes, but mama bought her own huge shopping bags. After Carrefour, papa dropped us at the SS15 wet market. Ok bagus, masuk pasar pagi2 pakai dress warna warni, sungguh ceria! Nasib baik I ingat lagi cakap Melayu... walaupun masa dekat Carrefour ada tersasul cakap Indon dengan abang India yang timbang tomato, pastu buat2 bodoh and terus cabut bersama tomato.

"Pakcik, daun kesom ada?"

"Tapai ni berapa ringgit makcik?"

Baking with mom
Potato pie
Mama's signature mihun singapore
After pasar, we went for breakfast at the warung in SS19. I had both roti telur and nasi lemak, and teh ais. Yay, happy hajat untuk makan roti canai termakbul. Right then, mama ordered the pakcik to make me 20 pieces of roti canai segera to bring back to Indon. Yay, happy lagi!

Anak-anak papa + cucu papa + Ilman
Ice-cream make over (Bil, Naufal & Nawal)
At home, I spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen with mama. Preparing so much food (which at first I had no idea why she wanted to cook so many kinds of food), she first made a potato pie with minced chicken and macaroni, then her signature mee hoon Singapore, I must say that mama is truly Singapore-born, she made the World's most luscious mee hoon Singapore ever, ever, like EVER! And then we bake muffins too! Yeah, mama loves baking – cakes, cookies, pastries, you name it!
Najat, Bil, Adam
The evening, we went to Along's house. I was so excited about meeting my darling nephew Aaron Adam for the first time. He is the cutest thing on Earth! I never imagined Angah could produce that kinda adorable thing out of her tummy! Oh yea, without any idea, they actually held an October-fest at Along's – no wonder mama cooked so much. I was so not looking forward for it as I was supposed to have a more important date with a more important person that night. It didn't surprise me people! However, the party was cool, I got to meet half of the family members at the short of time, especially Mak and the aunties.

After party, I insist to meet Zhafri, eventhough it was already almost midnight. Don't you guys know that Zhafri is the 4th person in my MUST-meet people, after Mama, Papa and Adam? I even told papa that I want to meet him that night that I didn't even want to go to Along's in the first place. Thank God I have the coolest parents on Earth, they still allowed me to go out that night, and Abang Dd my brother-in-law being so kind to drop me to Zhaf on his way home. Yayyy sangat sangat sangat happy x 1000! *smiling ear-to-ear* (senyum je sebab kalau melompat-lompat kegumbiraan nanti mama marah sebab gatal sangat).
Mi Ciccino
Finally, meeting my Ciccino after 8 months of only virtually dating. He is cuter, he grows cuter by time! His smile is the miles longer than the Nile River. Okay cukup memuji kekasih sendiri, nanti dia kembang pula. One of (another) contentment was that I finally got to meet The Yan's. I've been hearing a lot about Yan (the best friend) and his wife Nurul and their adorable daughter Mia from Zhaf. Although it was only for a brief of time, I'm still glad.
Najat, Bil, Adam & Nawal
Fast forward to the next morning, I sipped the hot tea at home for breakfast. Rumah I memang best, air teh pon sedap! Semacam je rasa, macam lychee ke? Peach ke? Wangi macam rose, apa2 pun, home is next to heaven. I woke up to one happy family – since Adam slept over our house that night, I ran down into his room to catch his bucuk smell in the morning, meanwhile mama was busy cooking asam pedas, while papa was busy updating my laptop, the kids were doing their own stuff upstairs, and Wawa was nerd-ly studying (get a life!).

Zhafri pick me up to the airport after lunch. He dropped me at Mak's for a while so I could bid goodbye to my cute grandma and Mak Su. At the airport, we got some chocolates and a couple of coffee before I depart back to Indonesia.
See you again darling :'(
So, that's quite a bit of last weekends. Malaysia, home, family and Zhafri, in 36 hours *hearts*



zaf said...

Nnt balik lagi k syg...Muahhhxx!

Bil said...

okiE sayang, ada rezeki, i balik lagi! yayy!! xoxo

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