Friday, October 29, 2010

Old folks

As typically a girl can be, I put my favourite things in a list – pink, furry, glittery, rainbow combination, blings, butterflies, jewelries, hair accessories, shoes, soft toys, beanie babies, babies, perfumes, and… old folks.

I have a thing for old men, some attraction, something about them that fascinate me. I realized that old men are charming in their own way, cute and adorable. Just like babies – delicate, sensitive, feeble, helpless, and they speak of deceasing IQ that constantly sniggers me. It's just that old men come with precious experiences and loads of wrinkles, which babies have none. I mean, old folks, not necessarily men, but women as well.

Last week, upon meeting Mak (my grandmother) I realized that she grew cuter by time. Her subtle smile puts her wrinkles into finer lines which blunder for a pair of tiny dimples below the corner of her eyes. Her cheeks are still firm slightly above the cheek bones when she grins, and when she speaks, her soft voice makes everyone heeds to hear. Just like how parents are excited to hear their baby's first word.
Mak and I (October 2010)
Old men however never fail to make a reminiscent of how arwah atok was like. Especially when the old men walk with their little grandchildren, always envy me! I cannot recall any of my childhood memory without the picture of atok in it. Arwah atok was never out of my sight and was always around me for my entire life since I was born, til his decease when I was 15 – then was the greatest flood of tears I've ever had in my entire life.

Well, back to the old folks story. I first realized that I had 'old folks' in my list of favourite things perhaps during my clinical attachment in HKL years back. Since I was a tagging student and nothing much I to do in the hospital, I prefer to sit by old patients as they always have a lot of stories to tell. Yes, the 'grandmother story', but I find their stories motivating, encouraging and full of first-hand experienced (some are saddening though). Having some old folks around make me feel ease or some how comfortable. Even their smell is soothing, just like how babies smell like.

There was a time when I came across thinking of becoming a geriatrician, or perhaps a physiotherapist where I can work with most geriatric patients. If I knew I would love to toil with old people, I would have had accepted the offer for physiotherapy course in UiTM years back before I went into medical school – wait, no, I wouldn't!
Anyways, I have cancelled the plan. I just don't see myself that persevering to endure my patience to that limit (maybe someday I'd just help around at the Rumah Orang Tua like that…). Then I came back to stick to my childhood dreams once again which was to become a pediatrician.

And then again… Since last 2 months, I have put that childhood dream of mine as just a dream, because I don't think I want to become a pediatrician anymore.

I am so firmed that I already told mama about it! Well, as how papa always describe me as

"kalau dia nak, dia tak kesah orang susah ke senang, dia nakkk jugak",

but this time Bil dah tak nak, for once I can cancel my dreams just like how I cancelled my dream of marrying Taylor Hanson – boo me loser! (at least I move on). Ok, apa dah merepek sampai cerita tok kaduk zaman Taylor Hanson plak nih? (!@#*$*^

I was supposed to write on my experience during my Pediatric Department posting here… but since it was too sucky, maybe next time!

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