Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ordinary working day

I'm glad… I'm glad to have started my fingers running on this keyboard and begin to blog again.

It's raining kittens and puppies outside. Such a nice weather to have a hot cup of tea and a piece of chocolate. Not just an ordinary chocolate, but this pieces of chocolate are especially made for me, and have a picture of my face on it! No kidding! Thanks to my thoughtful aunt whom I called Mak Teh for the box of sweetness.
Box of sweetness

On the other hand (of this lovely raining kittens-and-puppies), my plan to shed these nasty fats and dream of having a well-toned body is hampered to accede myself enduring for some rest and relax time at home… It was raining cats-and-dogs when I came back from work this afternoon, it was unbearable if I must walk to the gym in such weather, therefore I succumbed, took a shower and made a cup of hot tea.

Today, was an ordinary working day…
The word 'ordinary' in my job scope does not match the definition of any 'ordinary' you may find in any dictionary. I don't do the same worksheet everyday, I don't count on the same problems everyday. As what I am doing now, everyday is a surprise. I never knew what may come, and how I am going to solve it, but I just have to work it out anyway… However the ordinary I mean here is conferring the arrangement of programs and that's all.

Today, as we entered the clinic, there were only a few 'fresh pink folders' under the sign 'OB' for us to 'settled'. The fresh pink folders mean new medical records of new patients, while 'OB' stands for 'Orang Baru' in other word 'new patients'. All new patients are first handed to Dokter Muda to 'try' to solve, and next handed to the resident for supervision. I am very honored that our education system is being very lenient to us as medical students that they give us this opportunity to handle patients on our own, as many other centers do not allowed their students to even land their hands on patients, oh kasihan kepada anda anda yang hanya dapat melihat!

Alright then, I called in my first patient… suspecting her with vertigo, besides the general neurological examination, I performed extra vestibular examination on her (the Romberg test, Tandem walk, Halpike maneuver and motor-coordination test). I am so pleased that my patient was cooperative! Phew~ 

At the same time, Zana had an almost same case patient, but in an elder age and came with her daughter. The daughter who happened to be a worker in the hospital cafeteria and wearing the cafeteria uniform, seemed to get frustrated that her mother was held to a Dokter Muda instead of the resident. She insisted Zana to hurry on her examination and very not cooperative during the examination.

While in Tandem Walk Test, the mother grumbles and oppose, claiming that she was too dizzy to be performed with all the examinations, and she insist to be consult to our resident as soon as possible. Eeeee mengada-ngada!!! So Zana has to explain to her that however she refused the examination, she still has to wait for her turn to be consulted to the residents (since there were quite a few patients in the row). Nonetheless the daughter, on her assertion of being a very important person in hospital, in her so-proud of (cafeteria) uniform claimed that she should get the privilege to be attended before other patients. The next annoying thing was that she couldn't leave us alone in the room and remained eyeing on what we are doing. Konon kau macam supervisor nak inspect pekerja la tu eh? Tak takut pOn!

Ek elllleehhh!!! Pooodah-cit! Kau ingat dah up sangat lah tu kerja dekat hospital yang kau patut dapat privilege? Please deh, kau kerja dekat kantin jer, takde beza dengan orang lain yang kerja cuci pinggan dekat warung tepi jalan! Ingat kite orang nak sangat la tu check mak kau yang konon pening kepala, padahal tension headache je! Patut pun mak kau tension, sebab dapat anak macam kau...

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Nadine Mazbar said...

Wow.....she just work in RSSA canteen and acts as if she's the hosp director's daughter. Let me swindle hers and her mother 360 degrees and then that'll show 'em how does Vertigo feels like hahaha. eeeeeee geramnya I !!!! Sabar yea babe mmuaxxx love you. I miss you so bumping myself into your site darling ;* Have a good day in PH !!! =D

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