Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Silent scream

This is what I mean, my time for blogging. It doesn't need that much effort, my fingers are deliberately typing of things that are disturbing myself emotionally.

First, I'm back, to this place (which I can't elaborate more or the citizen will get emotionally disturbed). This morning once I reached LCCT, I felt like screaming my lungs out! I can't believe that I was not ever 'there' but there were just too many of 'the people' speaking of 'the language' and dress out of their weird (or rather unique) fashion sense.

My comfort zone has narrowed down. Like really narrow as narrow as the burial ground. Lemas! Lemas!! How do I put my stance into words? These lips are sealed, these fingers are cuffed. I don't like to lie about anything in my blog! If I have to, I'd rather stop.

So, not just because it's Ramadhan, but I'll try to wind down, go to bed and recharge my positivity.

Don't expect for any gossips or whining or whatever kind of blaspheme for this time being.

Good night my suppressed feelings!


hilman.teddy said...

jemput berhibur di tulisan gua. =D

SURAYA said...

at least u skit masa je lg da tinggal then bleh chow dr 'this place'..
i wonder how u survive.. tabik!

aaarggghh..'this place'!

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