Wednesday, April 13, 2011

72nd weekdays - Lamongan

7 weeks left in Malang? Oh… *sayunya hati ini*

I am never less excited about graduating, but to leave Malang in that short of time (after almost 6 years) is just heartbreaking. Okay, enough of drama.
On the high road to Lamongan
Last weekends, after the long hectic month, Frente and I decided to take a short break and run to the beach. We had been talking a lot about having to breathe out of the hospital for awhile, we had been wanting to see the endless horizon line by the beach, we wanted to feel the sea breeze and hear the waves drumming on the sandy beach, for short, we desperately needed a break!
After the sunset, view from the hotel balcony
Lamongan, is a perfect location for the moment. Not so far, easy to access, and there’s a theme park there! We’ve been asking around about how to get there and Frente looked up in the internet for accommodation. Right after work, without wasting a single second, we headed straight there. We gotta reach there before the sunset! We just had to lie somewhere to watch the sun dipping itself into the sea. Fortunately, we made it right on time, it looked so mesmerizing from our balcony! Subhanallah, it was beautiful! Perfect, checked!
Good morning Lamongan
Having breakfast by the beach
The morning we woke up to the sound of the wave battering put an endless serenity into the nippy morning breeze, that was exactly what we had been wanting to hear – perfect, checked! Initially, we wanted to jog (but…). Then we got ready for the day at the WBL (Wisata Bahari Lamongan) where we were entitled for two free ticketscompliment of our stay at the resort. WBL was fun!
Wisata Bahari Lamongan
The water park
I went on that!!
We made it!
The small fishermen village
Then there was another recreational place just opposite the WBL, Zoo Goa Maharani. It’s a zoo with all the animals and stuff, and there’s also a natural cave where they had turned it to a very convenient cave for tourist to travel into, and also a gallery of collections of beautiful and unique gem stones.
Maharani Zoo & Goa
At the Zoo
Inside the Maharani goa
Found my mate, memang dah plan nak pakai color sama.
In the end of the day, I realized that this getaway happened not just for the sake of stress-escape, it happened for me, Frente and for the sake of our friendship. Thank you babe!
Another sunset to catch!
You're my sweet donkey
The next day we woke up, albeit of the tranquility of the wave sound, birds chirping and the chilly morning breeze, we hate that it was Sunday. Kena balik, besok sekolah! Bye Lamongan. We had fun, definitely.
The next day, on the way back to Malang, guess what we found?!

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