Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Sayang!

Rindu dah!!!

I just came back from Juanda, doing the thing I hate the most – saying goodbye to Zuffy.

One thing I hate about getting visits from family, friends and boyfriend, is the part where they have to go back and leave me alone. Sedih tau! To suppress that feeling, I had to think back of all the sweet times together. Now that I’m recalling it… *tears start falling*
With my birthday boy!
Sit and Christina missing in this picture
Zuffy came over the weekend, for our ritual birthday celebration together. He arrived Malang on Friday with my favourite instant Teh Tarik Aik Cheong and an iPad 2 for miss bestie Frente. I don’t just drink instant teh tarik, but it has to be Aik Cheong! Or else, the mamak has to tarik it for me!! There are just a lot of other instant teh tarik brand out there, first of all, Max Tea sucks, then BOH brand, the tea tastes so BOHy tea, not like teh cap masjid (like the mamak usually use), then there’s Cek Hup’s, I rate it 7 out of 10, not bad. Aik Cheong cost a fortune here in Lai Lai market, about double the price than what you can get back in Malaysia. But who cares right, who wants to drink Max tea anyway? Yucks! (oh btw, AirAsia Indonesia serves Max tea if you order teh tarik, yucks again!)
Kawan-kawanku yang sangat comel
Back to Zuffy story in Malang. As usual, we went for a spa retreat! Not really spa, but just hairspa and foot reflexology. I am so thankful for the fact that we share the same interest, we love to go to saloon and spa! I’m saying this because Zuffy is not really a good companion for shopping. He shops like a typical man, see-like-fit-buy, unlike me see-look around-look around again-fit-think-compare-look around again-really like it-can’t live without it-buy, buy, buy and end up buying all.
celebrating birthday together *love*
Then it was Zuffy’s birthday! The second time for him to celebrate in Malang. The generous birthday boy treated me and my friends a birthday dinner. And since we love Italian, we had Italian dinner!!
Happy birthday sayang!
We got this cake from Mbak Icha's cafe, The Sisters.
Surprise surprise! The birthday boy didn’t know about the cake. When he was about to order for dessert, the waiter came out with the cake all lit up. The look on his face – priceless.
Mr. Bf, Mr.Raja and Miss Nad
The sweet couple - Amel and West <3
After the dinner, we proceed for coffee, at where-else if not at my favourite place Java Dancer! What a surprise for me too, there were Amel and her boyfriend, and Kak Nad too were there waiting to celebrate Zuffy with us! Rajavel was also there having his time alone, then he was forced to join us too! LOL! Happy happy moment!! Happyyyy!! Thank you bestie for planning it perfectly! Then there was Mbak Syifa too, oh so complete party!
Late night coffee
semua dah ngantuk...
my babes
It was a pleasant to be surrounded by all these people around. My life is so blessed!

Thank you sayang for coming, you’re the straw to my berry. You’re the sweetest of all!
My bestie
Thank you Frente for arranging the surprise, making the reservation and getting the cake and getting the people to it. You’re my bestie!

Thank you to my housemates for celebrating it with us, to Amel and West, and to Mbak Syifa for completing the party!

Most of all, Alhamdulillah Thank you Allah! Everything you have arranged for us is so wonderful for me.

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