Thursday, May 5, 2011

Italian Luncheon

The canteen foods are getting up on my throat already! The fact that I had too much of kacang bolong and other junk foods is now making me irritable than ever. Forensic department, despite of the stress-less, the smells just inevitable! The stress-less of forensic is starting to stress me out already, I need to do something! Where is the patient? Hah, drama queen, over, nak patient plak!

Alhamdulillah, I got my case today. I’ve been praying hard that I should get a ‘patient’, at least by the end of today. As soon as I stepped feet into the meeting room this morning, they called me out..

“Bil, ada visum!”

“Really?? Beneran?! Yayy!” excitedly walked down into the autopsy room.

Aww… such a heartbreaking, it was a body of a 5 year old little girl. At least it is not a baby. Oh by the way, we’ve had two cases of pembuangan bayi. Damn to those who did it! I wish I could post the photos during the autopsy or at least talk about it here in my blog…

It was such a relief to get my visum case before the day ended, or I’ll be on-call. To celebrate my ‘success’ or more to ‘lucky day’, I went to have lunch at Malibu with Frente, and we had Italian!!! I love Italian foods! Yummy!!

Penne marinara - mine
Speghetti olio aglio - hers
Actually both of us secretly craving for the olio aglio, after Zhaf’s birthday dinner last week. hehe

p/s: best kan, lepas dah busuk2 bedah mayat buat autopsy, pastu makan!!!!

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