Thursday, January 14, 2010

Phew~ as I exhale…

Alhamdulillah I've made it! This is merely a tension micro liberation for this stage of medical intermediate interns.

This morning, I presented my case report on a COPD patient and hence being assessed as examination for this week posting at the pulmo division. Of all the four divisions of internal medicine I've been into for this whole month, I can say that pulmo is the best (yet I have 2 more days to get done with it).

In spite of presenting a case, my finicky-yet-pleasant supervisor also offered a lot of her time for discussion and provide me with facts and information that I have over-looked and disregarded. Although there were a lot of faults and flaws in my case, she never despise any of my points, instead she would grasp of every littlest aspects of my thoughts and make me feel so much appreciated and motivated. Then she gave me chocolates! *grin* (is chocolate means an A?)

When I was on call (last Tuesday night), maybe it was my luck to be working with three amusing residents. I was cleared with my job description and I knew most of the things that was supposed to be under my responsibility. That night was all fine, all patients with lung problems slept quite safe and sound (or perhaps a little wheezing here and there! Hehe).

Around 1am when I was getting ready to sleep (dah baring dah and dah tutup mata pon!), Dr.O came into the kamko (kamar koas) and called me up. I rushed up since I thought we got an emergency call. Then he called me into their office and personally tutored on reading the CxR (Chest X-rays). OMG, I am so truly flattered! Because 1) it was 1am, he just got back to the ward from the emergency dept and all worn-out, but still he spared a few minutes for tutoring me, 2) he found that it was his responsibility to fill me (as his intern) with some skills and knowledge, 3) he was told by Frente to teach me. I owe you Frente!

And even I was on a very bad flu and on the verge of a fever, I was still all-up to be tutored! yeah, even at 1 in the morning! It's his thought to taught that counts! hehe

Every morning I would wake up to have the enthusiasm to work. The pulmo residents for the wards I am in charge too are apart of my motivation. Dr.R thought me on spooling procedure for empyema patient. So today, I successfully did the procedure all by myself without her supervising me, and it gives me the zest! She would also call me up to observe on any procedures scheduled on the operating room. Now I know how FOB (fibre optic bronchoscopy) procedure is like, how to use the spirometry for the pulmonary function test and how the pleural evacuation is done. I am so much hand-in.

Meanwhile, Dr.F, just like his initial, is one heck of friendly and funny resident! On my first day in this division, he personally thought me on reading the CxR. Despite of the cracks of jokes everyday, he is also a very diligent doctor who understand fully of his own responsibilities and mine – so we do our own job mutually but yet concurrently.

Back then, I thought pulmo would be my least favourite (because I was just not interested in lungs and their diseases), nevertheless these people make me feel smart and prepared! Indonesia, albeit 57.1% a better place to encounter with TB (tuberculosis) patient compared to home.If one ask me whether if I am ready to confront a patient, I would say yes to patients with common lung diseases!

p.s : one more reason I like this division is because we had a free lavish lunch buffet this afternoon at the Alveoli!!! (oh yea, they named their meeting hall 'Alveoli', cute uh?)

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