Saturday, January 9, 2010

Washed off!

Today is a bless. The pouring rain adds to its sanctifying moment purifying every scattered iniquity, and every spite of hatred that has been mischievously bothering my life all these days.

This week is going to be over and I am glad. I am glad that I am no more have to be working vaguely yet not gaining anything. I celebrate my feelings of contentment by going out for lunch with Frente. I always wonder how my first torment as Dokter Muda life would be like without her. Well, the initial plan was to hang-out at Icha's café and study together. Alas, we ended up meeting with Icha and her bunch of friends. It was good, I had great time forgetting about this week when I'm with them. The fettucine marinara and eclaires were awesome!

Starting this week, one of the first hitches was with my group mates. So far, having three nuisance boys in a group of five had started giving me a headache. Especially early this week (everyone was on a very low motivation and exhausted of working I guess), our group seems as if we were torn into another two separate groups of 3 nuisance boys versus the 2 obedient girls. Alrite, I am not going to elaborate more about our group's internal problem. It's just that, I am not the person who can tolerate with unfairness without a respectful give-and-take. I just don't make slave of myself for anyone's benefit, I am up for discussion and you have to have reasons to reject my decisions or to make me agree with yours.

I dislike this consultation cycle a.k.a this week is such a useless week. I never get clear of my job description and I don't feel like a doctor this whole week long, I feel like an office girl or a postman instead. Delivering consultations to respectable doctors without getting the see the patients but to waste quite an amount of my phone credit – worth it? No?

Then I had my first on-call for this cycle. Still I was not clear of my job description. I accidentally threw myself into a pool of problems, I got into trouble with the resident and I missed to get my lesson for the night. I would have had learn a lot that night during my on-call if I wasn't too concentrate on doing my job to pleased others that I got too tired and fell asleep.

Dah! Next!


zaf said...

u must bring me there to eat that...tempting

Bil said...

okie baby!!

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