Friday, January 8, 2010

The Pillow Talk and The Language Lesson

It's been ages since I had a pillow talk with anyone. I can't remember the last, but the best I've ever had was always then when me and Angah were bedmates. I remember we used to turned off the lights, get into our blanket, and while starring at our ceiling of scattered of glow-in-the-dark stars, we would talk, about everything even the things that weren't a matter to us. And of course I was always the last person to stop talking, when I realized that she finally had fallen asleep.

Since then, I don't remember having any good deep pillow talk with anyone, but last week.

I had a terrific one, just right on time when I needed the most. I realized that I haven't been talking that much, I haven't been writing that much and I haven't been letting-it-out that much either. I just had not much time for it, I mean, I have not much time for myself. However I am very grateful that we go for a weekend-out once in awhile to wind out ourselves after the arduous days and nights spend working our asses out in the hectic hospital.

It was only the 2nd day of 2010, 29 days before my 24th birthday, but then was the time when I felt my growing rate is accelerating. Maybe because I am actually a grown-up stuck in the soul of a hooligan, or maybe because I am too much being surrounded by people who are pursuing the same trail as me, that none of us know what is there waiting for us ahead.

Therefore sometimes, we need to succumbed to some experienced trailer to guide us along. An older, more witted, matured and experienced person. I found that person, and I'm glad we talked.

That night, she opened up my eyes on how different people react to love. And having said that, I realized that there is tremendous of things I have yet to learn – about love of course. It was a terrific talk, with few examples from her past experiences in which make me feel a lot more confidence.

One of the things we confer was on this book by Dr. Gary Chapman – The Five Love Languages. I Googled it to get a better grasp. Although he wrote it for marriage couples, but his main points are nifty to everyone who is in love, be it with an opposite sex, with parents, friends, colleagues, etc. (example from an article click here)

By understanding the points, I am now more comprehended with handy advises on love. I also realized that although love is blind, alas it speaks the most languages ever spoken.

Now I understand the reason why sometimes I am feeling the way I shouldn't and why sometimes we tend to find it hard to recognize each other's desire. It's because we are indeed speaking of different languages that make us lost in translation in most of our crucial times. We might ingratiating ourselves by the same meaning, but it's how we 'speak' is indeed to be toned. Tuning into synchronization of two different languages need practice and a lot of patience.

I believe, we both are strong in learning our new languages and practicing it to fit into each others' fondness. InsyaAllah, it'll be as smooth as ever for us, because our base is strong - WE LOVE. Practices don't make perfect, simply because nothing in this world is ever created perfect. But practicing to accept the imperfect is the best gift one could offer. Someday, our languages will warmly fused and we'll speak of the same without even a grammar mistake. AMIN.p.s : Zhafri, I love you.


zaf said...

Love u too syg.My languages are gift & physical touch.Hhehee.Muahhx!

Bil said...

i always love u darling~ and u know what my languages are ;)

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