Thursday, December 10, 2009

Careful of what you wished for

Last night was among the hectic nights on-call as I was in charge for two wards at a time – Ward 29 and HND unit.

During the Midday Report, no patient from the HND was seriously handed off to me. However, just before the meeting ended, there was a call to inform that two new patients had just been admitted. Oh God, what a hectic start! So I rushed there with the residence to clerk on the patients, which whom had a profuse hematemesis melena a.k.a vomiting of blood and bloody stool, while the other patient was handed to a different doctor.

From the HND, I rushed to ward 29, in which I had to tapper-down the infuse drip and also to observe the patient who was suffering numbers of complications of HIV AIDS. He whom I had to observe every 15 minutes, while I had the bloody patient in HND to report on and 2 patients to ECG. I always thought that I am the kind of organized person, but in yesterday's case, I was confused. Which one first?

Rushing here and there until I realized there was only about 20 minutes left til Maghrib ended. Took off my coat and straight away to the tiny cubicle behind the HND to pray. For once, I felt relief. I prayed to Allah if He could make my work a little bit lighter for the night. Just few seconds after that, I heard cries and howls outside the room. I guessed so, must be one of the patients died.

Actually, one of the two new patients died. In another word, I only left with only one patient to highly observed on. Alhamdulillah, ringan sikit kerja!

Don't get me wrong, I felt sorry for the loss of the other patient, but I believe that it was just her time to go because I'm sure the residence doctor already tried her best to help.

If that was the way Allah answered to my prayer, I must say "Hmm.. that was fast!"

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