Saturday, December 19, 2009


If my backside is north, than my chair is south. They're like magnetic poles sticking to each other. Once I sit here, facing my laptop, nothing but strength of will power can take me off here. Concerning that I got too over it and I had tones of tasks to be done, therefore I made a challenge to myself – a challenge of me competing myself with a price of success and better disciplinary.

Before I could get my ass of my chair, I challenged myself to be done with all the tasks by 8:30pm (45 minutes)

On my mark… get set… GO!

I ran to the bath and wuduk, then solat, then gather all my stuff to be packed, make a list of what to bring, packing, packing, packing, clean up my room, change to Pjs and tarrraaa there I'm done! (if I could record myself on a video, I might look like someone who is on a game show competing against time, tapi compete sorang2! Must be funny!)

Time off – 8:45pm.

Although I am 15 minutes exceeding my own time goal, but I'm glad I successfully packed my stuff!
So, I packed my bags…
I am going off on a duty outstation for a week.
Whoa, I like how this sounds – sounds so work-ish-ly, so grown-up thing, so matured, so serious!

Precisely, tomorrow at 7:30am I am going off to this so place named Bangil. A two-hour drive from Malang. I have not much anticipation on how the place is going to be, but from the story told by seniors, Bangil is going to be just fine. Nothing much of entertainment to expect since it has less to offer than what is here in Malang. Nevertheless, I am optimistic about the experience I'll gain working over there in the public health center.

There, will be me and another one girl as the Dokter Muda and with one residence. We'll be fully in charge of the medical department for the whole week. Yes, just the three of us.

While packing my bags, I was pessimist about packing my baju tidur… hahaha! Okay, tried not to be cynical (I'll sure have more time to sleep), I've put in Zhaf's tshirt, just in case.

I pray that everything will be just fine, come what may~

So, see you again next Sunday (or Monday perhaps).

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